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can't complain

Things are fine. A casual response to questions like "How are you?" or "How've you been?" A: "Hey, Pat, how are you?" B: "Ah, can't complain!"
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complain about (someone or something)

To voice one's annoyance or displeasure with someone or something. Oh boy, which dead president is grandpa complaining about today? If you hate your job so much, quit complaining about it and look for a new one!
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complain of (something)

To state the physical ailments or symptoms of illness that one is experiencing. The appendicitis patient came into the ER complaining of stomach pain.
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complain to (someone or something)

To voice one's annoyance or displeasure to someone or something. If you hate your job so much, quit complaining to me about it and look for a new one! If we complain to the school board, I'm sure we can get this decision overturned.
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for all (one's) (something)

In spite of the negative trait or issue the speaker is discussing. In this construction, the speaker indicates a specific person, followed by a problem or shortcoming they have experienced or exhibit. Yeah, she's not remotely punctual, and she gripes a lot, but for all her shortcomings, Elisa is a really great manager—her employees just love her. For all our difficulties buying a house, we still managed to get one that we absolutely love.
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nothing to complain about

Things are fine. A casual response to questions like "How are you?" or "How've you been?" A: "Hey Pat, how are you?" B: "Ah, nothing to complain about."
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you'd complain if you were hung with a new rope

Said humorously to emphasize that someone complains often, especially over seemingly minor or trivial things. A: "How are you liking the new PC?" B: "Yeah, it's OK, I guess. All the icons are different on the desktop, though." A: "Sheesh. You'd complain if you were hung with a new rope!"
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complain about someone or something

to protest someone or something; to grouch about someone or something. Oh, stop complaining about the weather. You are always complaining about me.
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complain of something

to moan and suffer from a disease; to report the symptoms of a disease or health condition. Kenneth complained of a headache and general weakness. The patient was complaining of a headache.
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complain to someone

to grouch or protest to someone. Don't complain to me. I will complain to the manager.
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(I) can't complain. and (I have) nothing to complain about.

Inf. a response to a greeting inquiry asking how one is or how things are going for one. Sue: How are things going? Mary: I can't complain. Mary: Hi, Fred! How are you doing? Fred: Nothing to complain about.
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can't complain

Used as a response meaning fairly good or well, to questions such as "How are you?" or "How is business?" For example, How've you been?-Can't complain. This term means that nothing serious is wrong. [Mid-1800s]
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can't complain

Pretty good, in response to “How are things going?” This very modern-sounding phrase, which means one has nothing genuine to complain about (or at least will not admit it), comes from mid-nineteenth-century Britain. Eric Partridge cites an early example, R. S. Surtees’s Hawbuck Grange (1847), in which one character observes that time is passing lightly over another, who replies, “Middling—can’t complain.” Today it is a frequent response to inquiries about a business. See also fair to middling.
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"I complained against Ram Gopal Varma in Tadepalli Gudem rural police station in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.
They complained the irrigation department was making inordinate delay in the annual de-siltation of the irrigation channel due to which crops and fruit orchards had been hit by scarcity of water.
Citizens of Badin complained about inadequate and non-functional street light system, less interest in connection of cleanliness and drainage system, illegal occupation and grabbing, precious and costly government plots and unannounced power outages causing civic life disrupted.Villagers and PPP workers submitted their complaint applications too.
Visitors of other parks also complained that there is no proper lighting system in the parks and visitors are reluctant to visit parks after evening due to improper light system.
Supporters said Sam had previously complained about problems with gym equipment, the condition of the staff room and water temperature in the fitness centre pools - but that his only motive for doing so was to offer a good service to his clients.
We cannot play or even talk freely in the presence of male students in this combined school she further complained.
Wazir Zada complained of delay in decision in the inquiry reports due to which the under report staff salaries are being stopped.
Upi said other family members also complained of abdominal pain but were not hospitalized.
Clients complained of not being able to conduct ATM and Internet transactions.
2 A woman complained that she had no window in her inside cabin and demanded that someone come and 'install' one for her.
The Iranian Football Federation has bitterly complained about the Thai treatment of the Iranian team in a letter to the Asian Football Confederation.
The same people who complained that we haven't had nice weather the last few summers and who complained it was too hot when we finally had great weather.
I had the same attitude from the council when I complained about the standard of inspections on the conditions of the roads, large holes are being left and small ones filled.
She complained she was forced to resign for a number of reasons, including the disabled toilet being used as a meeting room to discuss her work targets.