complain to

complain to (someone or something)

To voice one's annoyance or displeasure to someone or something. If you hate your job so much, quit complaining to me about it and look for a new one! If we complain to the school board, I'm sure we can get this decision overturned.
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complain to someone

to grouch or protest to someone. Don't complain to me. I will complain to the manager.
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References in classic literature ?
He did not return the blow, or complain to the doctor; he only looked at me wickedly, and said: "I'll be even with you for that, some of these days." I soon forgot the words and the look.
She told BBC News she'd tried to complain to a member of train staff over a mix-up which led to passengers being forced to move carriages in a packed train.
They didn't know who to complain to, so they complained to me.
Complain to your local authority if you're not happy with how your complaint in dealt with.
found that 34 per cent of people who experienced a problem with public services in the past year did not complain, with 35 per cent of them not knowing who to complain to and 39 per cent reasoning that it would not be worth the effort.
executive director, said: "Consumers are completely fed up with nuisance calls but often they don't know who to complain to, or they think nothing will happen if they do.
* I CAN sympathise with Gavin O'Donnell about trying to complain to the council and not getting any replies ("Binmen 'leave rubbish strewn across street'", January 18).
People were most likely to complain to the ombudsman about banking and credit products.
"Now it's been picked up by the world and its mother!" Terry-Anne says it is important to complain to improve services for others - and that applies to Teesside's health services.
The handling of complaints takes too long, people are not always sure who to complain to and there is a lack of learning across the NHS when things go wrong, it said.
If at all possible, you should take notes as soon as possible after you realize you are in a situation where you may want to complain to the airline.
Don't complain to me about this place, the unmotivated, cynical employee says; "I just work here."
I now want to complain to an Employment Tribunal, but have been told that I need to put in a grievance first.
I hear his argument every time I go complain to the station manager: TV can't affect behavior; it's simply entertainment.
Residents are planning to complain to the local Ombudsman about a new housing development even though building work is well under way.