complain about

complain about (someone or something)

To voice one's annoyance or displeasure with someone or something. Oh boy, which dead president is grandpa complaining about today? If you hate your job so much, quit complaining about it and look for a new one!
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complain about someone or something

to protest someone or something; to grouch about someone or something. Oh, stop complaining about the weather. You are always complaining about me.
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5 "Oh, so you think it's all right to complain about Neil Lennon complaining about Celtic fans complaining about Neil Lennon because Neil Lennon believes you shouldn't complain about Celtic if you didn't endure the 90s?
At some time or another we will complain about something.
." People complain about the same things in different languages, so don't you ever think that being a tourist guide is easy.
MEN complain about ads more than women and consumers in Greater London and the South East are the most likely to raise their concerns, figures show.
I can complain about all the caravans on the road or make sure we set off on our journey in plenty of time and enjoy the journey.
POLICE 999 operators in the West Midlands have flushed out a time-wasting caller who dialled 999 to complain about work on a bathroom.
We often complain about others because we think they are not up to our standards.
YOU had mixed views about Ingrid Stone, who bags PS2,000 worth of freebies a year by complaining EVERYONE has a right to complain about bad services or products, but I think Ingrid takes it to the extreme.
NUISANCE calls and texts cause misery to the lives of millions of people, yet less than a fifth of us officially complain about them.
This nonsense is dished out to members of the public who complain about bus noise.
PEOPLE face too many obstacles when trying to complain about NHS or social care, a report has said.
People were most likely to complain about a product at 42 per cent, while 37 per cent complained about a general error being made.
We don't complain about meeting places for people with different races, religions or orientation - why complain about a meeting place for people with sexual beliefs?
If you think your friend is right to complain about your complaining, then she did you a favor.