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compile (something) from (something)

To assemble something from component parts. Don't worry, I'm compiling a study guide from the notes I took this semester.
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compile something from something

to make up something from something; to collect and consolidate something from something. She compiled a book of poetry from verses written by her friends. Lynn compiled a picture book from family photographs going back almost a century.
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Cloud Compiling offers customers three ways to access its leading edge compiling solutions.
Through the tools introduced with IBM Destination z, including the ability to partner more efficiently across a wide variety of vendors and solutions, Cloud Compiling will work with IBM and other IBM Destination z partners to increase the System z market and provide enhanced services and solutions.
With Cloud Compiling SaaS, we maintain native compilers on our mainframe while our customers install the Cloud Compiling technology on their mainframes.
Cloud Compiling SaaS will help customers who are struggling with IT budget constraints and a shortage of resources to support COBOL and other z/OS compilers.
Cloud Compiling is easy to install, because there is no migration, no IPL's, authorized libraries, supervisor calls, z/OS parmlib changes and no changes to existing JCL.
Cloud Compiling has been in production at F1000 companies for several years, and with today's announcement, is generally available for most versions of COBOL, PL/1, Fortran and C/C++.
IncrediBuild's distributed compiling technology increased our compilation productivity by a factor of ten for our PC-based games, and we are thrilled at the prospect of using IncrediBuild technology within the CodeWarrior environment to create games for the 'PlayStation(R)2' platform," said Clinton Keith, technical director for Darkwatch.
These last two steps are like compiling and debugging an embedded system, but one layer of abstraction higher.
Celoxica tools specialize in compiling C-based languages directly to FPGA hardware.
In compiling this tribute to 100 of the region's top business leaders, the Detroiter said Ms.