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compile (something) from (something)

To assemble something from component parts. Don't worry, I'm compiling a study guide from the notes I took this semester.
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compile something from something

to make up something from something; to collect and consolidate something from something. She compiled a book of poetry from verses written by her friends. Lynn compiled a picture book from family photographs going back almost a century.
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All this will be helpful for attendee statisticians' associations too," said the Barodabased man who has been compiling records for the BCCI for 14 years.
7) required by those compiling such bibliographies.
In a second phase of compiling the bibliography, this author continued to develop it into a set of materials for individual and more focused, primarily academic, use - i.e., presentations at scholarly meetings, potential publications, and other projects.
Lune Street B chalked up an excellent 5-1 home win against Guisborough Cons B during which Peter Simpson was the on form player when compiling a 40 break in his match with Mark Stewart.
"We needed a system that would significantly reduce the time spent compiling reports and make all data more visible across the organization which in turn will help in eliminating inaccuracies," said Jane Marx, vice president and controller at Miller-Valentine.
* May an accountant submit draft financial statements without compiling them?
In the next game Forrest once again took an early advantage when compiling a 21 break to lead 66-9.
But Shiokawa did not rule out the possibility of compiling one, saying, ''Companies are not failing at the moment.
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Tuesday ruled out the possibility of the government compiling a supplementary budget as a way to boost the economy.
The meeting came after the top government spokesman hinted that the government is indeed considering compiling fresh antideflation measures, while keeping the basic policy of implementing structural reforms.
Defense Agency chief Gen Nakatani is responsible for the agency's compiling of lists of individuals who requested information from the agency under the information-disclosure law, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda said Tuesday.
The institute cited such reasons as lower volatility in the financial markets of Hong Kong, which the institute distinguished from mainland China in compiling the index.
Combined general-account outlays will decrease 4.1% to 51,302 billion yen with 45 of Japan's 47 prefectural governments compiling smaller budgets for fiscal 2002 than the previous year, according to data assembled Friday by Kyodo News.
Finance Minister Masajuro Shiokawa said Tuesday he is not thinking about compiling a second extra budget for the current fiscal year.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Thursday stood firm on his pledge to limit fresh government bond issuance to 30 trillion yen in the current fiscal year even when compiling an extra budget.