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compile (something) from (something)

To assemble something from component parts. Don't worry, I'm compiling a study guide from the notes I took this semester.
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compile something from something

to make up something from something; to collect and consolidate something from something. She compiled a book of poetry from verses written by her friends. Lynn compiled a picture book from family photographs going back almost a century.
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15) to a client or others, he or she must at least compile those statements in accordance with SSARS no.
This is a testament to Hammer's innovative 128-way parallel processor technology, Hammer offers a superior solution in terms of capacity, compile times, run times, debug features, ease of use, and scalability over competing products.
Hammer(R) offers a patented, next-generation hardware accelerator for Verilog simulations with the fastest compile times and run times, while at the same time offering ease of use and debugging capability comparable to that of software simulators.
With its 128-way parallel processor technology, Hammer offers leading capacity, compile times, run times, debug features, ease-of-use, and scalability," notes Rahm Shastry, senior vice president of Marketing and Sales for Tharas Systems.
Customers will realize emulation speeds up to 2MHz and RTL compiles of 1-3 million gates per hour, dramatically decreasing the time it takes for design iterations.
The company's patent-protected, proprietary, automated technology compiles and prioritizes links to the most relevant Internet content on thousands of topics spanning tens of millions of Web pages.
Forge automatically compiles these descriptions into efficient hardware descriptions (RTL Verilog) compatible with popular design environments such as those from Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys.
Instead, it compiles to the native object code of the workstation and takes advantage of the inherent concurrency of VHDL to reduce simulation time.
This permits users to simulate designs as large as 200 million gates (MegaSim is the ONLY technology that efficiently compiles a design of this size) on their desktop with an optimized memory footprint, higher simulation speed and faster compile time.