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compile (something) from (something)

To assemble something from component parts. Don't worry, I'm compiling a study guide from the notes I took this semester.
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compile something from something

to make up something from something; to collect and consolidate something from something. She compiled a book of poetry from verses written by her friends. Lynn compiled a picture book from family photographs going back almost a century.
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Published in 2004 in three volumes by Karachi University, it was compiled by Khalid Hasan Qadri and it lists the 'obsolete' words of Urdu.
It is a dictionary of Urdu etymologies compiled by Suhail Bukhari and published by Karachi University in 2005.
So I wrote, for example, that one Ibn al-Majdi in the mid-15th-century had compiled some ingenious auxiliary tables for computing the solar, lunar and planetary positions needed for annual ephemerides (taqwim, pl.
Subtitled 'tazkira-i-Dakani makhtooAtaat', the dictionary was compiled by Prof Agha Hyder Hasan, a legendary figure who loved and collected antiques and manuscripts.
It was compiled by Muneer Lukhnavi and published from Kanpur in 1930.
Beckham compiled a 47 but Forrest hled his lead and potted the pink to win 85-69.
The fourth frame was a scrappy affair with the highest break being a 28 compiled by Beckham.
Nakatani told reporters that such lists have also been compiled by the agency's bureaus, the Air Staff Office of the Air Self-Defense Force and the Ground Staff Office of the Ground Self-Defense Force.
Some practitioners issue monthly financial statements, label them "draft" and never follow up with monthly compiled financial statements under the erroneous belief the yearend compiled financial statements serve as final financial statements for the 12 monthly drafts.
Crimson senior captain Noah Welch (Brighton, MA), a defenseman who was a semifinalist in his sophomore year, has been the leader of a stout Harvard defensive corps and has compiled 5-7-12 in scoring.
Vermont junior defenseman Jaime Sifers (Stratford, CT) has been a prime factor in the Catamounts' return to prominence in the ECAC and has compiled 3-10-13 on the season.
With a strong working knowledge of compiled, response, and specialty data, data processing, data segmentation, modeling, and profiling, Sandy is experienced in creating complete marketing solutions.
Her experience in compilation, in addition to her creative selling approach, will increase exposure of our compiled properties," said JC Wood, Executive Vice President of MKTG Services.
XCC can exploit the ISA extensions created by the XPRES Compiler to produce compiled code that runs substantially faster than code produced for a general-purpose embedded processor.
Transitive's software technology allows other application software that has been compiled for one processor/operating system to be run on another processor/operating system without any source code or binary changes.