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Rozmarra-o-Muhaavraa-i-Ghalib was compiled by Prem Pal Ashk and published from Delhi in 1969.
Barry Chapman (Unionists) compiled a 35 break in this match while his team mate, Richard Beckham, went one better when chipping in with a 39.
Austin and his student colleagues have compiled a useful collection of case studies that reveal the extent to which the Bay Area county social services agencies have sought to transcend the limitations of the program by introducing policy and service innovations that can make a real difference to the lives of clients they serve.
Each page of the compiled specified elements, accounts, or items of a financial statement should include a reference, such as "See Accountant's Compilation Report."
(13) He compiled this table not only because he was a Muslim but because he was a mathematician and a Muslim.
As an appendix to her study, Broomhall has compiled a valuable checklist of printed editions of French women's writings from 1485 to 1599, including not only whole works published by women, but also women's contributions to works by others.
For those jobs women are finding, numbers compiled by the University of Indian's American Journalist Survey last year found that more than 40 percent of women in journalism are working for news magazines while the smallest percentage (about 20 percent) are working for wire services.
The compiled wavelengths and energy levels are from experimental sources, while the transition probabilities originate mainly from recent calculations carried out with advanced, multiconfiguration computer codes, with relativistic terms included.
The localization of epitopes in our assay is based on a population approach, in that a large replicate of community donor responses is compiled and analyzed for the presence of an "immunodominant" peptide.
Compiled and edited by James Abbington GIA Publications, April 2002 $49.95, ISBN-1-579-99163-7
The association compiled the information into the first national database of crime statistics and subsequently published them in a nine-page report.
Compiled by a middle school student who understands the reference needs of his fellow students.
A Council for Science and Technology subcommittee could not bridge differences regarding the draft, which was compiled by the Science and Technology Agency, only deciding to discuss the matter again in January.
However, Take One compiled its list of the 100 most famous Canadians for the 100th anniversary of cinema back in the summer of 1996 (Take One No.
Compiled by Marc Dachy, this spoken-word anthology begins with the ghostly voice of Apollinaire declaiming his poem "Le Pont Mirabeau" in 1912 and ends with Caetano Veloso performing the Brazilian poet de Campos's work in the late '70s.