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compile (something) from (something)

To assemble something from component parts. Don't worry, I'm compiling a study guide from the notes I took this semester.
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compile something from something

to make up something from something; to collect and consolidate something from something. She compiled a book of poetry from verses written by her friends. Lynn compiled a picture book from family photographs going back almost a century.
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The agency has hired two consultants to create the plan using existing planning data that the agency compiles throughout the year, Sagehorn said.
When I founded Black Issues Book Review, I made a decision not to compile a best-seller list.
It's important to note that this information will be used only to remove names from lists, not compile new lists," Thomas Hiller, Metromail vice president of Data Acquisition said.
16, "Determining If the Accountant Has 'Submitted' Financial Statements Even When Not Engaged to Compile or Review Financial Statements," provides guidance on submission.
Cloud Compiling SaaS makes it possible for customers to compile on z/OS more economically - and with fewer staff resources - resulting in:
QuickVHDL reduces compile and simulation times by over an order of magnitude compared to first-generation VHDL simulators," said Chen.
Compile LotusScript upon Build - Before this new feature was available it was the task of the developer to manually compile all LotusScript.
In the cmi24 product view, users can look at their products with attributes that they can change, compile and search against.
a leading provider of electronic system-level (ESL) and hardware description language (HDL) design solutions, announced today that Vista(TM) IDE for SystemC can now easily create and compile executables of SystemC designs based on the OSCI simulation kernel.