compete in

compete in (something)

To participate in a competition. Who is competing in this heat?
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compete in something

to enter into a competition. I do not want to compete in that contest. Ann looked forward to competing in the race.
See also: compete
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CLOSE LINKSFollowing his close connection with British AAA coach Dennis Watts, Evans decided that his team would first compete in London before going to Vancouver.
Customers who compete in the 'Word Boggle' (a fun word search game) challenge running from August 22 to September 7, will enter a draw to win prizes including notebooks, tablets, smart phones, printers, hard drive, headphones and gift vouchers from Samsung and Plug Ins along with a certificate.
JOE Cordina's dream of becoming the thirdWelsh boxer at London 2012 has been kept alive after he was included in a seven-man Great Britain team to compete in the second Olympic qualifying event ins Turkey next month.
INS officials have also signaled an intent to compete in the insurance market throughout Central America and plan to enter the Nicaraguan market first.
They have found their greatest acceptance among action-pistol shooters, specifically those who compete in matches under the auspices of the U.S.
But what about those shooters who compete in divisions where such technological wonders are not allowed?
Additionally, athletes should be permitted to compete in championship tournaments only in the weight class they have competed for most of the events that year.
He went on: "Golf is an individual sport and you don't many chances to compete in team events, so this week should be great.
Happy endings seem to be considered by Canadian screenwriters to be pandering to simplistic American solutions despite the repeatedly stated desire in various industry and government sectors to compete in the American marketplace.
But while they desperately need an infusion of modern technology to compete in today's world of ecommerce and integrated supply chains, most small entrepreneurial manufacturers (SEMs) with sales under $50 million have small budgets and quirky technology environments.
Semifinalists will be chosen, one from each city and from the video send-ins, and the top three finalists will compete in the Schick Silk Effects Final Competition in New York.
Today, approximately 65 companies compete in the ever-growing security business.