compete for

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compete for (someone or something)

To work or put forth effort against someone or something in an attempt to gain someone or something else. I refuse to compete for a guy's affections—if he likes someone more than me, then I need to move on. I'm feeling discouraged now that I know just how many people are competing for this job.
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compete for someone or something

to contend against or contest [someone] for someone or something; to struggle for someone or something [against a competitor]. They are competing for a lovely prize. Ed and Roger are competing for Alice's attention.
See also: compete
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On August 1 a 2, 977 candidates will compete for 20 positions at the customs administration in Varna.
His protege, Jacob Fournier, who'll be a freshman at Canyon High in the fall, will compete for the first time in the 13-14 first-degree black belt division.
But with swimmers such as Shannon Koskran, Sara Yohanna, Kim Nakamuru and Gina Knox, look for the Indians to again compete for the title.
Herta, who won two races on the CART Series, both at Laguna Seca in Monterey, will compete for the Panoz Motor Sports team in the 10-race American Le Mans Series, which starts March 16 with the 50th anniversary of the 12 Hours of Sebring at Sebring International Raceway in Florida.
The state winner will then compete for the national title April 17-22 in Anchorage, Ala.
Her parents, George and Diana Bustos, uncle Jesse Rios, who taught her to play softball as a child, and several cousins are heading to Sydney this month to watch Bustos compete for the gold medal.
They are among 16 Ventura County athletes, and 283 from throughout Southern California, who will compete for the next three days in winter sports from cross-country and alpine skiing to figure and speed skating in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.
You even send them to the city championships, and let them compete for the title of best Double A team in the city.