compete against (someone or something)

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compete against (someone or something)

To work or put forth effort against someone or something in an attempt to do something successfully. I'm probably competing against a hundred people for this job. Instead of competing against the loud music out here, let's go inside and talk.
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compete against someone

to contend against someone; to play against someone in a game or contest. I don't see how I can compete against all of them. She refused to compete against her own brothers.
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compete against something

to struggle against something; to seem to be in a contest with something. It was hard to be heard. I was competing against the noise of construction. Please stop talking. I do not wish to compete against the audience when I lecture.
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He was too complacent in his first fight, but now that he experienced how tough it is to compete against ONE Championship athletes for sure, he prepared well for this fight,' Folayang said Tuesday.
The DOE is looking to set a ceiling rate for RE players to compete against one another.
US drama about the underground world of 1980s ball culture, an outlet for drag queens and transgender people to compete against one another in extravagant fashion contests.
Schools did not compete against one another but rather independently in front of a judge.
This year's competitors included, for the first time, two laws schools from Quetta and three all-girls teams from Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore all vying to represent Pakistan in next month's international rounds in Washington, where teams from 100 countries will compete against one another.
Just as scholars compete against each other for academic supremacy, we play tug-of-war and compete against one another for the sake of societal supremacy - economic status, fame, stature, success and so on.
"Despite their narrow defeat against UAE, they showed great character and resilience to compete against one of the tournament's heavyweights on home soil and anyone who was there will feel India were a little unfortunate," added Windsor John.
In Ultimate Team, players buy card packs with real money to build custom rosters and compete against one another.
The selected micro-bots will then compete against one another in a "series of Olympic-themed competitions," including categories like rock piling, steeplechase, vertical ascent, shot put, weightlifting and more.
The tournament will feature 15 teams consisting of 90 players from different countries compete against one another during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
He added that some air companies may consider whether they will compete against one another on the same air routes.
A brand new initiative for the Cheshire-based charity, the #Be More Challenge will see regional businesses compete against one another to turn PS50 into PS1,000 over a sixmonth period.
Ever since Matthew Weiner and his Mad Men said shalom to the small screen, TV, it seems, has become a starkly goyish affair: From I Can Do That, where celebrities compete against one another with newly acquired talents like juggling or doing a jig, to American Ninja Warrior's extreme feats of acrobatics, the summer's top shows are all about mindless, physical fun, three words seldom associated with Jews.
Let the top four leagues - in England, Spain, Germany and Italy - compete against one another.