compete against

compete against (someone or something)

To work or put forth effort against someone or something in an attempt to do something successfully. I'm probably competing against a hundred people for this job. Instead of competing against the loud music out here, let's go inside and talk.
See also: compete

compete against someone

to contend against someone; to play against someone in a game or contest. I don't see how I can compete against all of them. She refused to compete against her own brothers.
See also: compete

compete against something

to struggle against something; to seem to be in a contest with something. It was hard to be heard. I was competing against the noise of construction. Please stop talking. I do not wish to compete against the audience when I lecture.
See also: compete
References in classic literature ?
But here she was forced to compete against a crowd of artists in greater need of money than herself.
In the qualifying round, four teams from universities and colleges from a city will compete against each other in a knockout phase.
Charlie Ayre, 10, Joseph Jackson, 12 and Travis Hutchinson, 10 combined to compete against 15 of Britain's top judo clubs at the Bev Price National Teams Event in the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.
Both the operators will compete against each other based on individual offers for each MAI unit.
TWENTY schools from across Tyne and Wear were compete against each other in the county's sports hall athletics final at South Shields Temple Park Leisure Centre today.
WE run a small, independent, familyowned cafe but struggle to compete against the big-brand chains in our area.
It's weird because as an athlete growing up, we never thought we could compete against the Kenyans," Farah said as he looks to claim a 10th straight victory over 3,000m in the Aviva London Grand Prix tomorrow.
He will now compete against more than 50 Department of Defence schools pupils from around Europe in a written test that will determine who will represent them in Washington this spring.
Having the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the world on home soil is fantastic preparation for us ahead of the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games which are happening later this year.
Under international sporting rules, no country may refuse to compete against the national of any other country for racial, religious, political or other reasons.
Ramsay will compete against Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for the best presenter award.
A buyer initiates reverse auctions by distributing purchasing specifications, such as requests for quotes, and suppliers compete against each other in Web-based, real-time auctions to win the buyer's business, driving down the price in the process.
SPECIAL Olympics golfer Kathryn Anderson claims she was cheated out of a gold medal after she was forced to compete against men.
Mickelson said: "I think we have a very unique relationship because we get to compete against each other week in and week out - and then we get to team up every year in the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup.