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compensate for (something)

1. To offset (or attempt to offset) something. His sudden honesty cannot compensate for all the lies he told me over the past year.
2. To reimburse someone for something. In this usage, the recipient is named between "compensate" and "for." If you take the job, we will compensate you for all of your relocation expenses.
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compensate for something

to counterbalance or counteract something; to make up for something. Your present kindness will not compensate for your previous rudeness.
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compensate someone for something

to pay someone [back] money for something. Don't worry. I will compensate you for your loss. Let us compensate you for your expenses.
See also: compensate
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The amplifier with the proposed constant-frequency compensator outperforms the traditional one without a frequency compensator.
11(a), the load-sensing portion controls the pump until load pressure reaches that of the compensator setting.
The test for the presence of intruding emf in the external part of the measurement circuit is then made, and any such emf compensated, as described above under the heading "Thermal emf compensator.
Among his accomplishments include the first triple-port compensator, drop-in beavertail grip safeties, 1980 to 1970 conversion shims, chopped-down Sig and 1911 pistols, Sig Sauer safeties, frame finger rings, spikes and finger grooves welded onto front straps--among many other eccentric innovations.
When system pressure reaches compensator setting or an actuator bottoms out, displacement goes to zero; constant maximum pressure is maintained.
The pressure compensator setting is externally adjustable from 1450 to 4060 psi, with a relief valve installed in the pump outlet line recommended for system protection.
Contract notice: Gara 0000023973 - igc code 7079366d9f (lot 1) - cig 7079363b26 code (lot 2) - contract for integrated production plants synchronous compensators (ics) 250 mvar to be installed at existing electric stations of the national transmission network - no.
Pressure compensation control options include a single-pressure, dual-pressure and soft start-pressure compensator settings.
The ABI has repeatedly warned that the current Discount Rate would mean significant extra costs for insurers and other compensators, and inevitably lead to higher insurance premiums for millions of motorists and businesses.
A compensator is the funny looking thing with holes in it attached to the end of the barrel.
First goal is important for cost effective unity power factor compensation including a basic capacitor and an active compensator.
Large Roll Unwinder, ideal for tensionless unwinding regulated by speed compensator and mounted on wheels for a practical use.