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compensate for (something)

1. To offset (or attempt to offset) something. His sudden honesty cannot compensate for all the lies he told me over the past year.
2. To reimburse someone for something. In this usage, the recipient is named between "compensate" and "for." If you take the job, we will compensate you for all of your relocation expenses.
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compensate for something

to counterbalance or counteract something; to make up for something. Your present kindness will not compensate for your previous rudeness.
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compensate someone for something

to pay someone [back] money for something. Don't worry. I will compensate you for your loss. Let us compensate you for your expenses.
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Under the 50% eligibility test, non-highly compensated employees must constitute at least 50% of the group of employees eligible to participate.
Njuki said they will not stop pushing until the more than 3,000 people are compensated.
"A time is coming when the contractor will stop this project because land owners will be up on arms saying that they have not been fully compensated. We are here to find a long lasting solution to this," he said.
In Dir Lower, 24 dead out of 25 were compensated besides 43 injured against 248 total wounded and 563 owners of damaged houses out of 14559.
Five dead out of nine in Peshawar, eight out of nine deceased in Buner, three out of four dead in Charsadda, all five dead in Mardan, two in Malakand, three in Swabi, two out of three in Kohistan Lower, one each dead in Hangu and Tank were compensated.
The exemption that most closely serves the needs of the majority of employers is the private placement exemption, which exempts every transaction "not involving a public offering." This exemption often is used to avoid registering nonqualified plans that cover a select group of management or highly compensated employees.
Key to successful resolution of the current dilemma is ensuring that primary care P%ysicians are compensated at afair kvelfor their skills.
Thus, if a specific line of business employs 50 people, the top-paid employees to be examined in the separate management test would be the five employees (50 X 10% = 5) who are the highest compensated in the line of business.
These costs, after all, seem to qualify as the compensated personal absence as set forth in the main objective of this standard.
"We appreciate the great economic impact the SGR has brought but l urge you to ensure that everyone is compensated," he said on Tuesday.
But speaking to the Nation in Lamu, the boat operators said most of their transport channels and routes are likely to be closed down once the Lapsset project begins operations.Boat Operators Association Chairman Hassan Awadh called on the government through the Lapsset Corridor Development Authority to ensure all the affected boat operators are fully compensated.
ISLAMABAD -- The longstanding issue of compensating people for their land in E-12 took a political turn after a local MNA accused leaders of the ruling party of giving preference to some people during the finalising of the list of people who are to be compensated.
PESHAWAR -- Under the Prime Minister's relief package, distribution of compensation to earthquake victims has been expedited in Khyber Pakthunkhwa with heirs of 195 dead, 152 injured and 479 owners of damaged houses compensated till Tuesday evening.