compensate for (something)

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compensate for (something)

1. To offset (or attempt to offset) something. His sudden honesty cannot compensate for all the lies he told me over the past year.
2. To reimburse someone for something. In this usage, the recipient is named between "compensate" and "for." If you take the job, we will compensate you for all of your relocation expenses.
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compensate someone for something

to pay someone [back] money for something. Don't worry. I will compensate you for your loss. Let us compensate you for your expenses.
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compensate for something

to counterbalance or counteract something; to make up for something. Your present kindness will not compensate for your previous rudeness.
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References in classic literature ?
What was to ensue when we found her and what could compensate us for this loss of time were questions also that I could not possibly dismiss; my mind was quite tortured by long dwelling on such reflections when we stopped.
"Boeing has to compensate us for grounding," al-Baker said, but did not elaborate on the potential cost.
'We only want the owner of Seng Hout to compensate us for the deposits.
We want to kill the elephant and eat meat because we know KWS will not compensate us for the destroyed crops, said Mr Mutembei.
I would say that over time, saving the enormous contribution that we make to the EU will more than compensate us for any costs of getting out.
“Fidelity requires all fund families to compensate us for the shareholder and administrative services we provide on their behalf,” she continued.
'The government should not only allow us to open our crushing plants but also compensate us for our losses,' said Mr Khan.
The company also expressed concerns that its "property and business interruption insurance may not be adequate to compensate us for all losses or failures that may occur" in the event that "such access, disclosure or other loss of information could subject us to litigation, regulatory fines, penalties or reputational damage, any of which could have a material effect on our cash flows, competitive position, financial condition or results of operations."
"The cultural attache told us that we should evacuate and not worry about the expenses of transport and accommodation, they will compensate us for our hotels, petrol or flight ticket," an Omani student from the University of South Florida said.
We have mentioned it clearly to BCCI and ICC in recent meeting that either India should play cricket with Pakistan or compensate us for damages, said Najam Sethi while talking to media after meeting of PCB Governing Board.
She added: "No money will ever compensate us for what has happened but it will allow Jack to flow and progress.
Let's see how the ICC reacts to it and whilst they may be receptive to the idea, whether a formula emerges to compensate us for this expenditure is yet to be seen," he said.
Here a group of engineers have SAID the government should not accept any agreement which does not compensate us for rising carbon emissions by the rich countries.
There was a rumour authorities may compensate us for the damages."
"We have still had no instructions from the court, other than a notice to say Ramsay was ordered to compensate us for damage to our equipment."