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compel (someone) to (do something)

To strongly encourage or pressure someone to do something. Threaten me all you want—you'll never compel me to be a traitor to my country!
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compel someone to do something

to force someone to do something; to drive someone to so something. You can't compel me to do that. She compelled herself to try, even though she was ill.
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Court established a highly lenient standard for regulations that compel
and held that a public school could not compel a student to recite the
a state could compel a private individual to convey the message of
raised by laws that compel speech, the Court laid out a new test for
otherwise assess laws attempting to compel speech, or a court might view
But after taking into account post goodwill amortisation and restructuring costs, Compel returned a pre-tax loss of pounds 260,000, still well down on the previous loss of pounds 711,000.
'We have continued to take market share and it is heartening to see Compel growing once again.
'Compel has weathered the downturn better than most and our future strategy is clear.'
But that was then rejected by an independent inquiry, which judged that SCH should be paid back only pounds 864,000 by Compel out of the total amount it had spent.
However, Compel yesterday issued a terse stock market announcement, saying that SCH launched a new claim against it over the valuation of the Compelsource business.
Compel said that on the final day of the period allowed by the sale agreement, SCH had written to the group 'making certain warranty and indemnity claims' amounting to approximately pounds 3.1 million in excess of the amounts already determined by the independent inquiry.
Compel added: 'SCH therefore alleges that it is entitled to retain the balance of the retention sum, and claims a further amount of approximately pounds 2 million from Compel.
'Compel will take appropriate action to defend SCH's claims and to recover the retention sum from SCH.'