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compel (someone) to (do something)

To strongly encourage or pressure someone to do something. Threaten me all you want—you'll never compel me to be a traitor to my country!
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compel someone to do something

to force someone to do something; to drive someone to so something. You can't compel me to do that. She compelled herself to try, even though she was ill.
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Congress, Roberts wrote, constructed RFRA with the intent that "courts should strike sensible balances, pursuant to a compelling interest test that requires the Government to address the particular practice at issue.
The hottest controversy centered on the ability of prisoners to invoke the compelling interest test.
Randy Shilts wrote a whole book of the most compelling stories imaginable, and the result was "don't ask, don't tell.
Our goal was to produce a movie that would inspire, encourage, and challenge audience members whatever their level of faith, in addition to being an entertaining, compelling story," said Jones.
It is a compelling argument for reform of the law of habeas corpus.
Cisco's entry into the high growth digital signage market reflects growing business demand for rich media signage to optimize their marketing, advertising and training and drive a compelling, high-quality customer experience," said Marthin De Beer, senior vice president of Cisco's Emerging Markets Technology Group.
9) However, if the conduct being reviewed could result in criminal, as well as administrative, sanctions, public employers are forced to choose between preserving employees' statements for later use in criminal court by avoiding compulsion during interviews or compelling interviews for disciplinary purposes and thereby immunizing employees' statements.
All members who want to share their SightSpeed-produced video messages (in particular, bloggers who wish to vlog) can now easily copy and paste the relevant HTML snippet for the video player directly into their Web site or blog for a significantly more compelling overall user experience.
BuzzCast pushes compelling information, such as financial news, sports and entertainment headlines, to any device - regardless of network or device type - personalized according to the unique preferences of each subscriber.
creators of 3D interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life, today announced that Procter & Gamble and ViewSonic([R]) will implement Kaon's 3D solutions to create more compelling and engaging selling environments for their products.
com, our in-theatre audiences will be able to enjoy unique and compelling programs that give them a behind-the-scenes glimpse at everything from private rehearsals and jam sessions to concert performances eI all delivered over NCMeIUs Digital Content Network,eIN said Dan Diamond, Vice President of Digital Programming for National CineMedia.
Georgios Sianos to Present Compelling Results Demonstrating Effectiveness of AngioJet[R] Treatment, Company Also Hosting Coronary Thrombus Management and Peripheral Vascular Disease Sessions
By integrating muvee's technology into the NuCORE CleanCapture[TM] SiP-1280 digital image processor, both companies will demonstrate how end users will be able to automatically and instantly create compelling photo slideshows that are paced to music and ready for on-screen viewing in HD quality.
Family Dollar has an outstanding leadership team, and it is a privilege to work with them as we pursue our mission of providing our customers with a more compelling place to shop, our Associates with a more compelling place to work and our investors with a more compelling place to invest," said Jim Kelly, President and Chief Operating Officer.
Maven Media System makes it fast and efficient for media companies to deliver highly scalable, engaging and profitable Internet TV channels that drive compelling consumer experiences, increase media consumption and enable broadband video monetization.