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compartmentalize (something) into (something)

To separate something into different parts or categories. We'll use cubicles to compartmentalize the office into smaller workspaces.

compartmentalize something into something

to segment or divide something into smaller things; to assign the parts of something into categories. We will have to compartmentalize this large area into a number of smaller offices. His brain seems to be compartmentalized into a number of different centers.
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The article discusses the important issues of compartmentalizing your personal and work lives.
Regardless of your sex, it seems compartmentalizing your personal life at work is a characteristic, if not a requirement, of many corporate cultures today," said Krista Milne, a columnist for WaterCooler Scoop.
0, V-Secure is providing a high-powered, bi-directional IPS that protects the organization at all important network junctions, thereby compartmentalizing attacks to manageable segments of the network, and elevating the business value of intrusion prevention.
Compartmentalizing SNMP processes using sub agents also means that a wide variety of network transport services can be used for inter-process communications (e.