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compartmentalize (something) into (something)

To separate something into different parts or categories. We'll use cubicles to compartmentalize the office into smaller workspaces.
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compartmentalize something into something

to segment or divide something into smaller things; to assign the parts of something into categories. We will have to compartmentalize this large area into a number of smaller offices. His brain seems to be compartmentalized into a number of different centers.
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One strategy, used in the present report, is that of compartmentalized vs.
Consolidated, on-demand performance data from compartmentalized repositories allows pre-emptive analysis and improves internal and external efficiencies.
As train companies learned to shape routes and times according to the needs of suburban riders, they attempted to shape riders and outperform the competition with more precise timetables and increasingly compartmentalized stations offering a growing array of services to specific groups (from separate waiting rooms, to restaurants, bathing facilities, and post offices).
Time is compartmentalized in the linear, arbitrary calendar that is most widely used today.
What's more, envy is so compartmentalized that one profession seldom envies another: The lawyer does not envy the physician, the used-car salesman the mail carrier, the grease monkey the florist.
Moreover, we felt that repeated exposure to library skills demonstrates to students that such skills are integral to course content and cannot be compartmentalized into a single information literacy session.
Vaguely conceding Laing's idea that the modern self is opposed to an imprisoning and internalizing social reality (5), Bower poorly defines modern society as compartmentalized and fragmented.
Over 600 muscles comprise this prodigious network, many of which are compartmentalized into three distinct anatomical planes (check the illustration):
Veis as part of a chapter on compartmentalized precipitation mediated by the collagen matrix in vertebrates.
To meet the needs of the business and for the mobile, quality-focused customer base, embracing a comprehensive approach to deal with the over 50% yearly increase in data storage must be met with a pragmatic, yet compartmentalized ILM method.
There are several types of Japanese bento, but most are either served in a compartmentalized container within a decorative box, or like NRE's O-bento meals, in a round dish with the various components attractively arranged on a generous bed of rice.
So, when asked about human factors during the brief, I responded with my standard, "I'm compartmentalized and ready to fly."
Buildings can be quickly compartmentalized to contain a threat, providing safety to occupants and additional time for first responders.
The muscularity of formed PET packaging is evident from its inroads in hinged egg cartons, fruit and vegetable clamshells, compartmentalized and ovenable food trays, and convenience packs for hardware items like nails, nuts, and bolts.
As with most milestones, the golden jubilee of the frozen dinner sparks a pondering of the past, present and future of compartmentalized cuisine.