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compartmentalize (something) into (something)

To separate something into different parts or categories. We'll use cubicles to compartmentalize the office into smaller workspaces.
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compartmentalize something into something

to segment or divide something into smaller things; to assign the parts of something into categories. We will have to compartmentalize this large area into a number of smaller offices. His brain seems to be compartmentalized into a number of different centers.
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It's helped us compartmentalize, and the whole squadron has ownership of this concept.
The case studies underscore above all the vitality of the medieval chivalric mentality until well into the seventeenth century, and Goodman thus demonstrates that it is a futile if not a redundant activity for scholars to compartmentalize history into periods with well defined beginnings and ends.
While Lewis is fascinated by Joy, he is also terrified of the anguish of real love and tries desperately to compartmentalize their friendship within the ordered structure of his life.
To test how early cell-like structures could have formed and acted to compartmentalize RNA molecules even in the absence of lipid-like molecules that make up modern cellular membranes, Strulson and Molden generated simple, non-living model "cells" in the laboratory.
By their very nature, visual media compartmentalize and fragment what they show.
How and when you enter these boxes become important factors in how well you are able to compartmentalize before going flying.
Also, gay men who are open about their sexuality are less apt to compartmentalize their lives than those who are closeted, experts say.
With a simple failure of the mechanisms that normally compartmentalize or clean up excitotoxins, there is the potential for widespread neuronal destruction.
Apart from optimizing cooling, this design also compartmentalizes the components, allowing for four hot-swappable hard-drive ports.
This compartmentalizes course content and information literacy and assumes that information literacy somehow can be "dealt with" in a single session.