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compartmentalize (something) into (something)

To separate something into different parts or categories. We'll use cubicles to compartmentalize the office into smaller workspaces.
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compartmentalize something into something

to segment or divide something into smaller things; to assign the parts of something into categories. We will have to compartmentalize this large area into a number of smaller offices. His brain seems to be compartmentalized into a number of different centers.
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Therefore, employees can make their work an enriching experience, which also provides a venue to save the negative connotation of compartmentalization of the production process by allowing them to transcend their particular task while perceiving themselves as part of the entire process and even of the final outcome.
Hence he has adopted the path of sustained compartmentalization (Fishman 1991) of language use across various domains.
* Use compartmentalization skills that feel familiar
In the compartmentalization model, the structure of cognitive organization (i.e., compartmentalization vs.
Computing's history is marked by a relentless pattern of democratization and compartmentalization. We continue to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements by, essentially, blowing things apart and inviting creative people to work their magic on individual components of a greater whole.
Compartmentalization increases as the number of people managing individual tasks grows, which is exacerbated further when managing international, domestic, and local taxes.
For starters, it has the potential to hold back human development through artificial compartmentalization of skills and markets.
Just for thought--in chemistry itself, there is an extensive compartmentalization: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, biochemistry, biological chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biophysical chemistry, computational chemistry, theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, surface chemistry, material chemistry, chemical physics, environmental chemistry, green chemistry, catalytic chemistry, protein chemistry, chemical toxicology, applied chemistry, engineering chemistry, etc.!
On the minus side, there is a minor feeling of compartmentalization about it, an absence of ultimate depth, some softness about the dynamics, and a lack of truly deep bass that intrude upon one's complete surrender to a willing suspension of disbelief.
His tables of musicians and countries facilitate the researching of a player's particular instrument or a writer's nation, forcing a neat compartmentalization to make us see beyond boundaries.
The modular construction provides for continuous operation even if a tank is out of service, and the design provides for compartmentalization and inert blanketing for increased safety.
Mirrors and doubling are also essential: Baseman often edges the top or bottom of a drawing with a frieze of windows, in a Joseph Cornell-like strategy by which compartmentalization allows for serial but discrete narrations inside a frame.
Nonetheless, freeing us from total compartmentalization in period enclaves, the spirit of her book puts us within reach of being able to take the next step, for instance, to Catherine Hall's recent nineteenth-century account, Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination, 1830-1867 (Chicago, 2002).
There are very few internal controls and little compartmentalization within the system--once you have access, you're in.
Cadherins are [Ca.sup.2+]-dependent cell adhesion molecules that are thought to play key roles in differentiation, segregation and compartmentalization of the vertebrate central nervous system.