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commute (something) into (something)

1. To make a routine trip (typically into a city) to one's place of work or school. Until I relocate, I'll have to commute into Manhattan for work every day.
2. To change or transform something into something else. I doubt that the judge will commute that sentence into a lesser punishment.
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commute between (places)

To make a routine trip between one's home and one's place of work or school. Until you relocate, you'll have to commute between Philadelphia and Manhattan every day.
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commute from (some place)

To make a routine trip to one's place of work or school from another location (often where one lives). Until you relocate to Manhattan, you'll have to commute from Philadelphia for work.
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commute between places

to travel between the place where one works and the place where one lives. I have to commute between Chicago and Detroit every week. Mary has commuted between New York City and New Jersey for years.
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commute from some place

to travel to work from some place. I commute from way out in the country. Betty commutes from only a few miles away and will be here very soon.
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commute something into something

to change something into something. No one, as it turns out, can commute lead into gold. I had hoped to commute this argument into a sensible discussion, but it is hopeless.
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The level of stress one's commute causes them is predictably related to how long it takes.
A recent empirical study from the Marron Institute of Urban Management at New York University likewise found that, on average, the labor market of an urban area (defined as the number of jobs reachable within a one-hour commute) nearly doubles when the workforce of the metro area doubles.
Meanwhile, Manchester itself only saw a minor increase, with the average commute taking 29 minutes in 2016 - up from 28 the year before.
Tan, "Commute Equilibrium for Mixed Networks with Autonomous Vehicles and Traditional Vehicles," Journal of Advanced Transportation, vol.
Related: Miserable commutes: The 10 worst cities for drivers in 2015
Bus commuters feel the negative impacts of longer commute time more strongly than users of other modes of transport.
According to the US Census Bureau, Matthews' daily trek to the city is a "long commute." Long commutes are defined as one-way trips to work that take 60 minutes or longer.
The survey of 1,200 workers sought to explore how professionals in Birmingham feel about their commute, and whether they are using it to their advantage.
"Employers should grasp this opportunity by changing the way employees work and commute and introduce more flexibility to cut out these restrictive influences on business performance as well as the wellbeing of their employees."
Imagine a commute starting on Monday and lasting until Wednesday afternoon - that's as long as the North East spend getting to and from work in a year.
Mortgages director at Lloyds Bank, Andrew Mason, said "It's no surprise, for London at least, that the further you commute the larger the difference in house prices - though, of course, the journey also gets longer and more expensive.
Workers in the North West have the longest average commute at 54 minutes.
Also, twice as many people commute out of Wales for work than commute in.
The researchers analyzed data from Statistics Canada to better understand the links between commute time and well-being.