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commute between (places)

To make a routine trip between one's home and one's place of work or school. Until you relocate, you'll have to commute between Philadelphia and Manhattan every day.
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commute from (some place)

To make a routine trip to one's place of work or school from another location (often where one lives). Until you relocate to Manhattan, you'll have to commute from Philadelphia for work.
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commute (something) into (something)

1. To make a routine trip (typically into a city) to one's place of work or school. Until I relocate, I'll have to commute into Manhattan for work every day.
2. To change or transform something into something else. I doubt that the judge will commute that sentence into a lesser punishment.
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commute between places

to travel between the place where one works and the place where one lives. I have to commute between Chicago and Detroit every week. Mary has commuted between New York City and New Jersey for years.
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commute from some place

to travel to work from some place. I commute from way out in the country. Betty commutes from only a few miles away and will be here very soon.
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commute something into something

to change something into something. No one, as it turns out, can commute lead into gold. I had hoped to commute this argument into a sensible discussion, but it is hopeless.
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It hinted that those with longer commute routes are overall unhealthier.
Furthermore, disengaged workers do have longer commute times on average compared with engaged workers.
The city of Bellingham received a Commute Smart Employer Champion award in the large employer category.
Our state's commute trip reduction program is a great example of what can happen when public and private organizations work together to promote transportation choices other than just driving alone," Gregoire said.
The researchers discovered that the average Brit faces a commute of almost 48 minutes every day.
Sam Staley and Ted Balaker reply: Data on commute distance are not as widely available as data on commute time.
Yet another factor complicating commutes is that the length of the peak morning and evening commuting periods has increasingly lengthened.
It has been argued that the problem is a practical one of measuring motivation: that if we could only measure the personal component of the motivation to commute, we could allow deductions.
In fact, even in Portland almost everyone commutes in a private vehicle and less than 6 percent of workers in the region use transit to get to work.
Executives at the top of the pay scale have much longer commutes than the majority of U.
We now have additional data from a panel of 16 adults (average age of 75 years) who did not commute or leave home regularly; in these adults we found the same coefficient with eNO (exhaled nitric oxide) versus outdoor P[M.
All participating students were asked the same set of open-ended questions: typical commuting mode to and from school, who in the household was the primary decision maker regarding the commute to and from school, and barriers and resources to active commuting.
N Only 11 per cent of workers outside London commute by public transport, of whom 68 per cent take the bus.