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As soon as Mr Allworthy returned home, he took Mr Blifil apart, and after some preface, communicated to him the proposal which had been made by Mr Western, and at the same time informed him how agreeable this match would be to himself.
On Lady Glyde's departure from her husband's house, the fact of that departure, and the necessary statement of the circumstances under which it had taken place, were communicated to Miss Halcombe by the housekeeper.
The supposed inquiries about Hampshire, when communicated to the owner of the Asylum, would lead him to imagine that his patient had returned to Blackwater Park, under the influence of the delusion which made her persist in asserting herself to be Lady Glyde, and the first pursuit would, in all probability, be turned in that direction.
Willoughby had spent the preceding evening with them, and Margaret, by being left some time in the parlour with only him and Marianne, had had opportunity for observations, which, with a most important face, she communicated to her eldest sister, when they were next by themselves.
In order to present difficult news in a manner that is most helpful to parents, it is desirable to begin by finding out both what the parents know about the situation and the manner in which they want the information communicated to them.
As the report will reflect, the Board's bottom line is this: the Board at this time is unable to embrace the AICPA peer review programs for two principal reasons, both of which have been communicated to the AICPA on a number of occasions.
It is not uncommon for a well-thought-through marketing strategy to be only partially communicated to sales management and field staff.
Information about the particles in these dashed line cells is communicated to 4, making up "ghost" cells on 4.
Coaching is also supported by the CMSS in that student work is communicated to the professor as well as mentor-group peers in ways that supports immediacy in the feedback process.
If the tax advice document is not communicated to the taxpayer-client, and is remote in time or materiality to the tax discussion, the document may still be protected by the work-product doctrine if prepared "in anticipation of litigation" or pursuant to employment by an attorney under a Kovel letter.
The auditor's responsibility in a GAAS audit for consideration of the internal control structure and compliance with laws and regulations, the additional responsibilities under the yellow book and the added testing of internal controls and compliance required by the Single Audit Act and Circular A-128 must be communicated to the auditee orally or in writing.
Responses to the question, "Have expectations for your practice been communicated to you prior to your appraisal?," revealed that medical managers have done an above-average job of communicating quality of care and service expectations but only a fair job for cost effectiveness guidelines.
In response to what their professors were more likely to communicate to them in courses that discussed ethical or moral issues, 56 percent selected "clear and uniform standards of right and wrong by which everyone should be judged." The other 44 percent responded that their professors had more often communicated to them "what is right and wrong depends on differences in individual values and cultural diversity."