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communicate (something) to (someone)

To tell or otherwise convey something to someone. You must communicate your needs to people if you want them to help you! I hope you communicated a sense of urgency to Joanna when you assigned this project to her.
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communicate with (one)

1. To talk to one. Well, if you didn't communicate with him, how was he supposed to know what you needed?
2. To convey a message to and be understood by another person. Even though they've been married for years, they still sometimes have a hard time communicating with each other.
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let alone

1. verb To stop bothering someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "let" and "alone." Why do you keep picking at that scab on your knee? Let it alone already! For the last time, let your brother alone—he needs to study!
2. expression Not to mention. The phrase is used to emphasize that if other more significant or pressing things are not possible or cannot be accommodated, a lesser thing certainly is not or cannot either. I hardly had time to brush my teeth this morning, let alone do my hair! We can't afford a vacation, let alone a trip to Disney World.
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communicate something to someone

to say or write something to someone; to tell someone something. Will you please communicate my regards to her? I intend to communicate your request to the front office this morning.
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communicate with someone

1. Lit. to correspond or talk with a person. I have to communicate with Wally first. As soon as I have communicated with Fred, I can give you an answer.
2. Fig. to make oneself understood with a person. (Often used with a negative.) I just don't seem to communicate with Sam, no matter what I do. We just can't seem to communicate with each other.
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let alone someone or something

not to mention or think of someone or something; not even to take someone or something into account. (Fixed order.) Do I have a dollar? I don't even have a dime, let alone a dollar. I didn't invite John, let alone the rest of his family.
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let someone or something alone

 and leave someone or something alone; leave someone or something be
to avoid touching, bothering, or communicating with someone or something. Leave me alone. I don't want your help. Let it alone! Don't touch it! It may be hot!
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let alone

2. Not to mention, as in We have no room for another house guest, let alone an entire family. [c. 1800]
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let aˈlone

used after a statement to emphasize that because the first thing is not true or possible, the next thing cannot be true or possible either: I wouldn’t speak to him, let alone trust him or lend him money.She didn’t even apologize, let alone offer to pay for the damage.
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let alone

Not to mention; much less: "Their ancestors had been dirt poor and never saw royalty, let alone hung around with them" (Garrison Keillor).
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All communicated threats and COCs received at the FBI are entered into CTAD, categorized accordingly, analyzed, and assessed for their respective threat potential.
As to the types of documents that qualify for the Confidentiality Privilege, the regulations should acknowledge that tax advice is communicated through many kinds of documents, including discussion memos, notes, letters, opinion letters, planning papers, discussions of alternatives for structuring a transaction, an assessment of audit or litigation chances if challenged by the IRS, analyses of contrary authorities, and transfer-pricing and valuation reports for tax purposes.
The students also were asked about their own beliefs without regard to what they thought their professors had communicated to them.
We communicated our game plan and our business plan.
Knowledge of what you need and want is your best ally - but, keep in mind, unless knowledge that is "second nature" to you is communicated well to those you wish to assist you, all the knowledge in the world will not deliver the best results.
6 In addition, police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, communicated with a deaf subject by using sign language.
Early on, it must be communicated that managed disability is not simply insurance or claims management, but rather a service designed to foster employees' return to the level of functional ability and productivity they enjoyed before the disability.
This information and updates should be communicated to the remainder of the staff through reports from the managing partner or research committee members in meetings or via bulletin boards, internal newsletters, etc.
Customers will bristle at more aggressive collection policies, but as long as the company's collection policies are within industry practices and communicated clearly and honestly, these policies should not impair relationships.
(Most often, employees ignore policies because they are poorly explained or poorly communicated, they are not enforced, or employees don't know they're enforced.) Getting around company Internet usage guidelines is increasingly easy to do given the availability of software and web sites designed specifically to thwart organizations' efforts to monitor and restrict employee Internet use.
A typical formulation of the privilege is that a physician is prohibited from disclosing information that he or she acquired from a patient while attending the patient in a professional capacity and that had to be communicated in order to serve the patient professionally.
In contrast, passive emotions, such as sadness, are communicated by a slower rate of speech, lower volume, lower pitch, and a more resonant quality.
Now, the impact of business risks associated with the numbers must also be communicated, as investors want to know about the motivations behind a company's decisions, and they want visibility into the "softer side" of the business -- intangible items that don't show up on a balance sheet or an income statement.
Are activist groups merely another stakeholder to be communicated with strategically?