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communicate with (one)

1. To talk to one. Well, if you didn't communicate with him, how was he supposed to know what you needed?
2. To convey a message to and be understood by another person. Even though they've been married for years, they still sometimes have a hard time communicating with each other.
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communicate with someone

1. Lit. to correspond or talk with a person. I have to communicate with Wally first. As soon as I have communicated with Fred, I can give you an answer.
2. Fig. to make oneself understood with a person. (Often used with a negative.) I just don't seem to communicate with Sam, no matter what I do. We just can't seem to communicate with each other.
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In examining these findings, it appears that course effort is slightly to moderately related to four of the five students' motives to communicate with their instructors, but course workload is not related at all to students' motives to communicate with their instructors.
Earlier researchers had developed several devices that could help them communicate with dolphins but unfortunately these technologies had some glitches.
As a busy physician, I know I find e-mail a convenient way to communicate with my patients about simple issues that don't require an office visit.
Communicate with a Perfectionist by showing that you and the organization are working for the best possible result.
That single client can then communicate with each vendor's SMI-S provider or proxy and return consistent data across mixed-vendor environments.
But what they really needed was a structure that would enable any business application to communicate with any other business application.
Oprah invokes Black Speak to quickly convey that if the "truth" is to be known Michael and Janet Jackson have the means to communicate with each other around the globe if they so desire.
Practitioners communicate with each other about their hypotheses and diagnostic considerations for medical treatment.
to the Cornell Theory Center and the Kern High School District in Bakersfield, Calif., have evaluated and are adopting Microsoft Producer as a valuable new tool to cost-effectively communicate with, educate and train employees and customers.
Communicate with and involve key managers to the greatest extent possible to enhance the prospect of employee buy-in and, ultimately, the success of the implementation process.
Public safety wireless interoperability refers to the ability of public safety officials to communicate with each other seamlessly in real time over their wireless communications network.
In their study at Stanford University, they documented that 46 percent of patients used email and of those 51 percent were interested in using it to communicate with the clinic.
Of more immediate concern is that the Mars Polar Lander, which will dig about a meter into Martian ice and dust near the south pole to look for evidence of recent climate changes, will have to rely on other means to communicate with Earth.
ISA slots communicate with your CPU at 8 MHz and PCI slots communicate with your CPU at 33 MHz.