communicate to

communicate (something) to (someone)

To tell or otherwise convey something to someone. You must communicate your needs to people if you want them to help you! I hope you communicated a sense of urgency to Joanna when you assigned this project to her.
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communicate something to someone

to say or write something to someone; to tell someone something. Will you please communicate my regards to her? I intend to communicate your request to the front office this morning.
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Private loop devices communicate to other devices on the loop by discovering every other device.
No translating is done when private devices communicate to other private devices on a switch.
Canada: "The biggest challenge is how to 'communicate to the heart' with audiences who have a distinctly different culture."
* Communicate to the audit committee or the individuals with whom they have contracted for the audit the auditor's responsibilities in a financial statement audit, including responsibilities for testing and reporting on internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations and the nature of any additional testing of these areas required by laws and regulations.
Whereas the earlier study focused on what physician executives communicate to be persuasive, the present investigation treated the way physician executives communicate to persuade attractive and unattractive superiors.
Animal health companies must now frequently communicate to the public how their products can contribute to and ensure food safety as well as how the products respect the environment.
How much time do we have left as communicators when every individual in the organization has (or soon will have) the capability to communicate to anyone, anywhere, any time?
Even when they find a subordinate to be dislikable, physician executives do not appear to become overly forceful in the way they communicate to persuade the subordinate.
organizations must communicate to survive: customers, students, patients, employees, board members, sponsors, reporters.
We must understand how our messages can be interpreted and communicate to a dozen audiences simultaneously and with credibility.
Values communicate to people how they should act at any given time.