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commune with (something)

To experience a meaningful connection with something, often on a spiritual level. Tim really enjoys going off into the woods and communing with nature.
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commune with something

Fig. to experience wordless or spiritual communication with something. She went on long walks to commune with nature. He enjoyed going off on a retreat to commune with his inner self.
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Data were collected through focus group discussions (FGDs) with commune officers in 45 communes in Cambodia.
The CPP has ruled the country since 1979, and it grabbed all commune position chiefs until the first-ever communal election that was held in 2002.
Of course as one reads the testimony of the other twenty-odd witnesses to this sharp incident in a small town set among the soft, verdant hills of Friuli, the scene becomes murkier, but all witnesses agreed that in the moment of danger Costantino Rizzardi yelled out, "Oh my commune, help me, now
Where co-operation between communes has taken place it has usually had limited aims -- for example water supply or transport planning -- and has taken the form of inter-communal syndicats.
The egalitarian distribution of wealth and income, which characterizes communes, poses a severe problem of free riding.
In the 1970s and 1980s, communes moved cautiously toward more active engagement with surrounding societies and frequently loosened the ties between members and their cooperative communities.
Since the commune had no source of income, Bernofsky and his friends lived off food stamps and occasional donations.
This means that the CPP lost five communes if compared with the results of the last election held five years ago,'' the source said, speaking a day after the election took place.
peasants who privatized their allotments and left the commune vs.
To some extent, the process of selection of communes treated here was natural--obscure, short-lived experiments that left few documentary records, or groups that shunned publicity and contact with the outside world could hardly be meaningfully treated.
After the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party was forcibly dissolved amid international outcry in November, almost all of its 5,007 elected commune council seats were absorbed by the ruling Cambodian People's Party.
The ordering party acts on its own behalf and on the basis of the signed agreement (agreement for inspection at the employer~s headquarters), On behalf of the municipalities as well as their organizational units, Which are indicated in annex 1 to the terms of reference: Communes of komarw-osada, Commune labunie, Commune sitno , Stary zamosc commune, Sulw commune, Skierbieszw commune.
Necib a, lors d'une seconde halte, egalement inaugure la station principale alimentant les communes de Chemini et Souk Oufella, qui permettra aux populations de ces municipalites d'etre alimentees en eau potable 20 heures par jour, alors qu'ils n'en etait pourvus qu'un jour sur trois.
A Commune of 10,000 people would sustain a vocational school, whilst a group of four or two Communes, as the case may be, would need to have a secondary school.
La Tunisie et la Suisse ont signe, mardi 18 juillet 2017 au siege de l'Agence Nationale pour la Maitrise de l'Energie (ANME), une convention portant sur le lancement du projet d'Appui au plan national de transition energetique des communes tunisiennes, d'un montant total de plus de 11,3 Millions de Dinars (MD).