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commune with (something)

To experience a meaningful connection with something, often on a spiritual level. Tim really enjoys going off into the woods and communing with nature.
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commune with something

Fig. to experience wordless or spiritual communication with something. She went on long walks to commune with nature. He enjoyed going off on a retreat to commune with his inner self.
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Boeung Keng Kang receives seven communes from Chamkarmon district - Boeung Keng Kang I, Boeung Keng Kang II, Boeung Keng Kang III, Olympic, Tumnop Teuk, Tuol Svay Prey I and Tuol Svay Prey II.
TEV-DEM retains budgetary control over the communes. The major Syrian Kurdish political bloc in opposition to the PYD boycotted commune elections in September, meaning that most co-presidents are party supporters.
The first thing to do, therefore, is to attach the greatest possible importance to the Commune as the base of the country's governmental pyramid, and appoint well-qualified and well-trained staff to organise and administer its affairs.
Although communes and districts are granted diverse and considerable revenue-raising powers for both tax and non-tax sources, so far, the only source of revenue they have received is in the form of national transfers called the Commune/Sangkat Fund (CSF) and the District/Municipal Fund (DMF), respectively.
The date of the closure of the Queensland National Bank, which significantly deepened the economic depression in Queensland, is important for understanding the situation of the communes and local businesses.
The winners in the Protection and Enhancement of the Natural Heritage category are: "Association les petits debrouillards, ONCF and the urban commune of Asilah," "Saidia development company, the urban commune of Saidia and Association des anciens eleves de Madagh pour la culture et le developpement and Maroc Telecom".
The land management practice most commonly reported by communes was crop rotation (reported by 31 of 45 communes, or 69 percent).
"They succeeded in tuning out the persistent static of war racial conflict poverty mass murders and social strife in order to maintain optimism and hope." And while communes may be less popular today than they were in the 1960s the story of Drop City is likely to interest anyone concerned with the far idealistic reaches of American life.
More than 7 million Cambodians had registered to vote in the elections to choose new councils to administer the country's communes. As many as 102,266 candidates, including 21,840 women, stood for election from 12 parties.
Even the terminally ungifted could find a refuge in this city of 1,001 communal sanctuaries: the car repair communes, the child care communes, the food communes, the Hungadunga commune, the Kaliflower commune--or, if you were flamboyantly talentless enough, the Cockettes commune.
Most Italian Renaissance communities certainly did trace their institutional origins to the communes, which between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries established sworn associations of free men that seized public authority over a town from the emperor, bishop, or local lord.
There are over 36,000 communes (the most local tier of government) in France, and all urban areas are a patchwork of these communes -- the central core being surrounded by suburban and peri-urban communes, each with its own mayor and powers, which since the early 1980s have included development control.