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commune with (something)

To experience a meaningful connection with something, often on a spiritual level. Tim really enjoys going off into the woods and communing with nature.
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commune with something

Fig. to experience wordless or spiritual communication with something. She went on long walks to commune with nature. He enjoyed going off on a retreat to commune with his inner self.
See also: commune
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Gould is not writing a general explanation of radicalism or the Commune (hence little mention of the Parisian republican tradition, for example) but identifying social conditions that facilitate mass mobilization - a different problem.
Previously, Commune held positions at DSP tool vendor Allant and at Mentor Graphics/Microtec Research, where he worked closely with Jim Ready and other MontaVista executives during their careers.
These projects, which are funded by the Agency for the promotion and the economic and social development of the prefectures and provinces of the north, aim at promoting school enrollment and fighting school dropout in the targeted communes, creating conditions of stability for the educational staff in remote areas and improving the education system's performance.
As late as 1946, 77% of landholdings over 50 hectares in the commune of Saint-Joachim were held and worked collectively.
HM the King hands over 10 ambulances and 14 all-terrain vehiclesto several rural communes.
Chief among the intellectual developments were humanist scholarship, late scholasticism and natural law theory itself; combined, they rendered the ius commune irrelevant in a sociopolitical world which was simultaneously expanding and fracturing.
On the same occasion, the sovereign was given details about the project to build a bridge on the Ouergha river in the commune of Ain Aicha, to be built on the road between Fez and Al Hoceima for a total cost of 31 million dirhams.
Le ministre des Ressources en eau, Hocine Necib, a effectue , jeudi dernier, une visite de travail et d'inspection dans plusieurs communes de la wilaya d'Ain Defla ou il a inspecte la realisation de divers projets lies a l'amelioration de la distribution de l'eau potable au profit des citoyens et a la protection de la ville contre les inondations.
Tafsi Tergiversations a l'Agence urbaine d'Essaouira Le president du Groupe du progres democratique a la Chambre des representants (GPD-PPS), Rachid Roukbane, a adresse recemment une question ecrite au ministre de l'Urbanisme et de l'amenagement du territoire national au sujet des pratiques malsaines (atermoiements et chantage) dont sont victimes les habitants de la commune d'Aguerd, Province d'Essaouira.
En inspectant le service biometrique de la commune de Mamounia, Salah El Affani a declare a la presse que l'operation d'equipement des 47 communes de la wilaya s'est achevee et l'entree en service de la delivrance des cartes grises et d'identite nationale est prevue la semaine prochaine.
San Francisco-based Commune Hotels & Resorts has added Alila Hotels and Resorts to its portfolio of boutique hotel brands.
In the first category, the winners are "Afriquia Group and the Rural Commune of Mirleft", "Amendis Tangier, Association les petits debrouillards and the Urban Commune of Tangier", "Barid al Maghrib and the Urban Commune of Bouznika", "Credit Agricole, the Urban Commune of Larache and Association AIPICA de sport pour tous", "Fondation Banque centrale populaire de l'education, la culture and the urban commune of Sidi Rahal Chatii", "Holmarcom Group and the urban commune of Saidia", "OCP Group and the Urban Commune of Laamachat", "National Railway Office (ONCF), the urban commune of Asilah, the rural commune of Ksar Al Majaz and the Association Association les petits debrouillards", "SAMIR, the urban commune of Mohammedia and Association Bahri Dima clean".
SAN FRANCISCO, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --San Francisco-based Commune Hotels & Resorts, parent company of Joie de Vivre Hotels, Thompson Hotels and tommie, announces a new partnership with Singapore-based Alila Hotels & Resorts to create a global, lifestyle hotel management platform.
Agenda Item 1: Official Commune welcome to Newborn Baby.
Phnom Penh (Cambodia), June 4 (Xinhua-ANI): The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) of Prime Minister Hun Sen won a landslide victory in the 3rd commune council elections on Sunday, according to preliminary results released by the National Election Commission (NEC) on Monday.
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