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commune with (something)

To experience a meaningful connection with something, often on a spiritual level. Tim really enjoys going off into the woods and communing with nature.
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commune with something

Fig. to experience wordless or spiritual communication with something. She went on long walks to commune with nature. He enjoyed going off on a retreat to commune with his inner self.
See also: commune
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Apart from the functionaries which we have mentioned, the Commune would have its own Council which would be elected in the same way as any Local Government Council, and with the same sort of composition - that is, so many elected members, and so many traditional members.
The district and provincial councils are elected by the commune councils whose members are elected at the commune and sangkat (4) levels.
With regard to type of chemical fertilizer, urea was the most common; its use was reported in all 45 communes (100 percent).
Agenda Item 6: Commune discussion of Sister's wellbeing.
And while communes may be less popular today than they were in the 1960s the story of Drop City is likely to interest anyone concerned with the far idealistic reaches of American life.
The CPP won 1,591 of 1,621 commune chief positions up for grabs while the opposition Sam Rainsy Party won 28 commune posts and the royalist FUNCINPEC party won 2, according to the results.
In response, the Parisian working class and National Guard rose in rebellion, calling for the commune to govern the city.
In these terms, Shafer's book makes a solid contribution to the study of revolution and the vital place of the Commune within it.
Twenty-five variables, relativized, respectively, per capita or commune area, were considered (five in each group): economy, social and technical infrastructures, the protection of the natural environment, and demography.
Lordship, Reform, and the Development of Civil Society in Medieval Italy: The Bishopric of Orvieto, 1100-1250 is a scholarly analysis of a small Italian commune during the High Middle Ages.
Louise Michel, a relatively unknown figure outside of her native France, was an activist, an anarchist, and a fighter against racism who is known principally for her role in the short-lived French Commune in the spring of 1871.
Even the terminally ungifted could find a refuge in this city of 1,001 communal sanctuaries: the car repair communes, the child care communes, the food communes, the Hungadunga commune, the Kaliflower commune--or, if you were flamboyantly talentless enough, the Cockettes commune.
Seeing that he was unable to flee, the said Costantino yelled toward some peasants of Buia who were eating, "Oh my commune, help me, now
Until about 50 years ago French towns were compact, their population mostly confined to a single commune.
Similarly Charles Nordhoff, a journalist who made a survey of communes in 1874, concludes that for "a commune to exist harmoniously, it must be composed of persons who are of one mind upon some question that to them shall appear so important as to take the place of religion, if it is not essentially religious .
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