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This distinction, however, cannot be reached without commonness.
The results of comparing commonness and challenge are also enlightening.
Commonness of the SDS code is determined by looking at the percentage of persons in the normative group having that three-letter code (Holland, 1997).
Not surprisingly, these considerations concern two features of the common good: its goodness and its commonness.
But for those who cheer the precision of the properly placed parentheses, the diversion of a dash or just the utilitarian commonness of the comma, give up an exclamation point: August 22 is National Punctuation Day.
Despite the commonness of such claims, little evidence has ever been presented for a left bias at NPR, and FAIRs latest study gives it no support.
Commonness of the Indo-European languages is reflected in regular correspondences of the grammatical and mostly of phonetic structures.
The very commonness of mental illness is one of the most powerful messages we have when we are trying to fight stigma.
Politically, Christianity's innovation was human equality and human dignity, human rights; and this is underlined by the commonness of Jesus, by his opposition to the law, by his blessing of the poor, of the little.
I have always loathed the Burtons for their vulgarity, commonness and crass bad taste, she combining the worst of US and English taste, he as butch and coarse as only a Welshman can be," he wrote.
who is too niceminded to be conscious of the commonness of the Colonies &, appreciating their wide future, soon loves them better than the old country .
Based on pre-treatment comparisons of species overlap and Index of Commonness values, the vegetation in the three survey areas used in this study at the Pony Express Conservation Area near Osborn, Missouri, were considered similar in initial plant composition.
garigues suggests that their commonness has been partially favored by
Klarmann's literal translation of the German for dandelion "hundeblume" as "dog-flower" seems, also, to point to the flower's commonness (Klarmann 113); this canine attribute would anticipate the flower's being on a level of inconspicuousness parallel with the "barking" guards.