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Despite the fact that HIV diseases is low but risk for an HIV/AIDS pandemics exist in Pakistan, and the experience of different nations demonstrates that the commonness of HIV contamination can increment quickly.
It provides relaxation, refreshes after hard work, clarifies the commonness, neutralises the stress.
However, we tended to attribute it to another important feature of the Chinese language, which is the commonness of homophones.
Also, most of the earlier processes suffer from lack of commonness for the synthesis of 4j from isatin, malononitrile and dimedone, but here we have observed the catalyst DABCO can be catalyzed formation of a wide range of spiro- pyran compounds.
Haji Sadiqullah in his speech praised late Sardar for his kindness, tolerance, commonness and boldness and claimed he will be remembered for long due his services and personality.
The commonness of smoking cigarette among Taif medical students was 27%, while the pervasiveness of smoking water funnels was 42%, which is similar to the finding that observed the same among a few medical students everywhere throughout the world.
Another important conclusion is the commonness of thyroid disorders in Afghan refugees which is due to exposure to chemical weapons and radiations due to bomb blasts in Afghanistan and the nearby regions of KPK.
You meet that everywhere, and its commonness takes off the edge of its hideousness.
t] is the fact it follows a normal distribution function, except the fact that it represents a white noise, condition that generates a certain formal commonness.
When Clare Twomey was asked why she uses clay for her public installations, she replied that it was because of clay's commonness.
On the other hand, it seems important to point out that adopting the criteria of commonness regarding the results of the medical intervention still leaves a lot to desire and is not precise enough.
The handful of those pseudo intellectuals in Pakistan who claim about the commonness of people, culture and values of Pakistanis and Indians are basically paddling the incorrect and distorted historical narrative.
The result of the reciprocal movement is that the initial commonness (Figure 4) either expands or contracts.