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The commonest race memory we have is the falling-through-space dream.
Then I think the commonest minds must be rather useful.
of latitude, or 450 miles, of a harbour, where three species of Oliva, a Voluta, and a Terebra, are the commonest shells, within less than 9 degs.
Then, near Lisbon, the commonest sea-shells, namely, three species of Oliva, a Voluta, and a Terebra, would have a tropical character.
I have been stinted of education, liberty, money, dress, the very necessaries of life, the commonest pleasures of childhood, the commonest possessions of youth.
They said there was a marked individuality about my style--insomuch that if I ever painted the commonest type of a dog, I should be sure to throw a something into the aspect of that dog which would keep him from being mistaken for the creation of any other artist.
The death agonies of a fellow being are, to these strange creatures provocative of the wildest hilarity, while their chief form of commonest amusement is to inflict death on their prisoners of war in various ingenious and horrible ways.
And here have I been knocking about, year after year, from pillar to post, as if I was no more than the commonest feller in the parish.
You will see that the mysteries which the police discover are, almost without exception, mysteries made penetrable by the commonest capacity, through the extraordinary stupidity exhibited in the means taken to hide the crime.
But an English Bible as a whole did not exist; and if to-day it is the commonest and cheapest book in all the land, it is to John Wyclif in the first place that we owe it.
Fortunately, he gave his discourses somewhat of the progressive character of lectures, leading his listeners on, as it might be step by step, in a way to render all easy to the commonest understanding.
Skin-grafting and hair-transplanting were among their commonest devices.
The commonest cancers attributable to alcohol consumption were cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx in men and cancer of the breast in women.
Conclusion: Respiratory illness was the commonest disease among Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims while musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal complaints were also high.
Similarly ovarian cancer is the 2nd and 3rd commonest malignancy among malignancies of the female genital tract, in developed and developing countries respectively5.