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Although not commonly looked for clinically, cardiac involvement in HIV-positive patients is a reality, with pericardial effusion being the commonest mode of presentation in our environment.
They identified "obesity" as the commonest factor for the hypertension.
Microsporidiosis is relatively uncommon in urban South Africa, where cryptosporidiosis most commonly causes chronic diarrhoea, but was the commonest cause of diarrhoea in HIV-infected patients in Zimbabwe.
Organophosphates were the commonest agents used in the 209 parasuicides involving a single agent (33% of referrals) (Table III).
The commonest cause for admission in these patients was an acute exacerbation of acid peptic disease (Table II).
The commonest date is April 19 though the full cycle of Easter dates will repeat only after 5,700,000 years.
Bio is the commonest term for organic in European languages but has different connotations in England," he added.
6 protects PDF documents with enhanced technical controls that resist all current PC based screen grabbers, stopping one of the commonest methods of IPR theft in its tracks.
And each of these fluids has a little of the commonest of salts, sodium chloride.
Lung cancer remains the commonest cancer death in the US, with around 174,470 new cases and 162,460 deaths expected this year.
This is perhaps the easiest, commonest, most obvious technique to fall back upon.
Professor David Woods, lead author of the guidelines, said: "With professional lifestyle intervention and appro- priate use of proven drug treatments, it is now possible to have a major impact on the commonest cause of death in the country.
It invariably led to conflict, the commonest cause of which was 'deep-festering grievances from unmet needs'.
Elephant Prince does not recount the commonest version of Ganesh's origin, in which Parvati creates a child from earth and her husband Shiva is so surprised by the stranger he cuts the boy's head off; instead, Elephant Prince draws upon a classic Indian text entitled "Brahma Vaivarta Purana" to present a version in which Parvati wishes for a child and to her delight has her wish granted, yet tragedy strikes when the god Shani (Saturn) accidentally destroys the child's head, for whatever powerful Shani gazes upon is instantly obliterated.
The Donald (a name coined by his first ex-wife, who didn't trademark it) hopes to convince the folks who dole out the little TMs that this commonest of phrases is so quintessentially him that he should own it.