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NRW said it had convened a group called the Gower Commons Initiative - comprising Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, landowners, Swansea Council, commoners and conservation groups - and that an updated management plan was in the pipeline.
Commoner compiled statistics showing dramatic increases in production after 1945.
The principal characteristics of Necessities, Commoners, and Parasites Necessity (1,850 responses) Hard-working 316 Reliable 270 Friendly 238 Motivated 192 Knowledgeable 175 Good communication 161 Commoner (1,714 responses) Ordinary 267 Conformer 264 Unmotivated 190 Reliable 167 Hard-working 117 Friendly 111 Parasite (2,086 responses) Troublemaker 658 Unreliable 255 Unmotivated 247 Lazy 236 Incompetent 198 Immoral 181 Note: Overlaps are addressed in detail in the following analysis section Note: Table made from bar graph.
While Kazin, as the title of the book suggests, clearly admires Bryan, he does draw attention again and again to the Commoner's "one great flaw"--his complete blindness to the evils of Jim Crow, despite, or perhaps because of, his intimate knowledge of the South, where he lived during his later years, and where he always found his most intense and consistent support.
Under Japanese law, Sayako, the daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, lost her royal status by marrying, and will now live like a taxpaying commoner. To prepare for the dramatic shift, Sayako has taken driving lessons and practised shopping at supermarkets.
Commoners lined up the procession route leading to the palace to applaud the groom riding in a horse-drawn chariot.
I would like to clarify several of Barry Commoner's points that may mislead the nonscientific reader.
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, a research team headed by Commoner compiled a list of 44,091 specific dioxin sources, of which 16,729 were in Canada, 22,439 in the United States, and 4,923 in Mexico.
Rocker chairs the North River Community Environmental Review Board (NRCERB), the local watchdog group that attracted Commoner and the Natural Resources Defense Council, prompting the subsequent repairs.
Barry Commoner, one of the leaders of the modern environmental movement, called the EBR "a truly historic document".
Where population issues are concerned I rely primarily on the theory of demographic transition (particularly as advanced by Barry Commoner in opposition to the views of Paul Ehrlich), which has a long history within socialist analysis.
While he himself lived the Christian life to the full, he respected the Buddhist principles and spirituality which permeate the people of Bhutan from king to commoner. He was content to receive their love and respect--and a very small stipend--in return for doing "in 25 years what other countries have taken centuries to accomplish," as one observer put it (p.
Rather than look hundreds of years back for the roots of our understanding of the environment, Rubin concentrates on six recent gurus of the environmental movement: Rachel Carson and Barry Commoner on chemicals, Paul Ehrlich and Garrett Hardin on population, and the Club of Rome and E.F.
(known as the Great Commoner and the Boy Orator of the Platte; 1860 - 1925) American political leader and orator.
"It doesn't seem odd to us now but the fact she was a commoner and wasn't a member of the Royal Family was really new and broke convention," royal historian Alastair Bruce said of Queen Mother's entry into the Firm.