commit (someone or something) to (something)

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commit (someone or something) to (something)

1. To agree to something. I'm sorry, but I can't commit myself to your project because it seems fundamentally flawed.
2. To devote or dedicate oneself or another to someone or something. You need to fully commit yourself to your family and stop working so many hours. Jana won an academic award after committing herself to her studies. I can commit six of my employees to this project.
3. To engage in an exclusive romantic relationship. I really want to commit to Ryan, but his history of womanizing makes me reluctant to trust him.
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commit oneself to someone or something

to devote oneself to someone or something; to be faithful to someone or something. He committed himself to his wife. She settled down and committed herself to her job.
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commit oneself to something

1. to agree to something; to promise or pledge to do something. Yes, I will commit myself to the repair of the door frame. Will you commit yourself to finishing on time?
2. to promise to support and assist something. I can't commit myself to your cause at the present time. Maybe next month when I am less busy. She committed herself to being there on time.
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commit someone or something to something

to pledge or assign someone or something to something. The boss committed Ralph to the task. I cannot commit any more money to your project.
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commit to someone

to marry or enter into an exclusive relationship with another person. Jane says she loves me, but she's not ready to commit to any one person. If you can't commit to me, then this relationship is over.
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'If anything should be amiss, if anything should be even slightly wrong, between you; if you should have any secret consciousness that you are committing yourself to this step for no higher reason than because you have long been accustomed to look forward to it; then,' said Mr.
Maybe we should go back to the tried and tested way of 'courting.' Getting to know the person you will live with over a time instead committing yourself to an 'abusive' relationship.
KEEP A READING NOTEBOOK | : "It's a great idea for lapsed readers because you're committing yourself to reading again, and every time you finish a book, you write down the title, author, place you you read it and a few notes about what you thought about the book, whether you enjoyed it, and that gives you quite a tangible relationship with the book.
You need to think long term here and ask yourself if you're prepared to risk committing yourself to someone who is already this uninterested.
You must think very carefully before committing yourself to any long-term let of your residential property, particularly without having taken specialist advice.
"I still believe in the beauty of committing yourself to another person and, at least, in the idea of marriage as an expression of that commitment," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
The Big C (More4, Thursday, 10pm) * IT'S a daunting task, committing yourself to a new American drama.
Series are all the rage, and this first book is not a complete work in its own right but ends on such a cliff-hanger that if you want to read on, you are committing yourself to buying however many books it takes to conclude the story!
Being in a relationship means you're committing yourself to that person.
Before committing yourself to your new hobby it might be a good idea visiting a demonstration in your local area.
As it is, consciously or otherwise, you're looking for an excuse to get out of fully committing yourself to your girlfriend.
A Before committing yourself to moving, it would be wiser to admit to him that you feel the spark has gone out of your reunions and ask whether he feels the same.
She thereby seeks to reclaim the sport from those who would simply dismiss it or revile it, for men or women: "You cannot box without committing yourself to being awake in your body; you cannot box without committing yourself to caring.
By setting your sights upon where you intend to be and by committing yourself to following that path, you immediately add value to life.
We kicked off the 21st century with an ongoing campaign aimed at challenging you--our readers--to join the financial empowerment movement by committing yourself to principles such as disciplined saving and investing, educating your children about business and finance, owning a home, and using wealth to strengthen your community.