commit (something) to memory

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commit (something) to memory

To make an effort to learn something; to memorize something. Everyone in our English class had to commit a poem to memory and then recite it before the class. I just can't seem to commit your phone number to memory!
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commit something to memory

to memorize something. Do we have to commit this poem to memory? The dress rehearsal of the play is tomorrow night. Please make sure you have committed all your lines to memory by that time.
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commit to memory

Learn by heart, memorize, as in The director insisted that the altos commit their part to memory by Tuesday. First recorded in 1875, this phrase today is often replaced by the shorter memorize.
See also: commit, memory
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When you first did multiplication by hand at school, you would learn your multiplication tables, committing to memory all the results up to 12 x 12.
He'll be able to quote that tweet with perfect recall for the rest of his life, while all the lines he desperately worked at committing to memory are long gone.
In this digital arena, every single thing worth committing to memory has been amplified by technology.
So it's likely that the next generation of doctors, instead of committing to memory what they need to know, will access what they need to know.
Really, no other word would fit the intense ritual of committing to memory that is a part of the Indian education system.
He proposed a number of innovative concepts to propagate Islamic knowledge including the committing to memory the last volume of the Holy Qur'an with its meaning and translation both in English and Urdu for better understanding.
Our understanding of these principles is not based on committing to memory exhaustive lists of what would or would not qualify as something like kindness; rather, it is based on the meaning of kindness itself.
Reflecting on historical precedents, she speculated that 'a strong sense of communal commitment to a clearly articulated ethical code' was a key support for those who have resisted injustice in the past, and this in turn led her to the strategy of committing to memory the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its entirety.
In fact, after a while, with practice, knowing the Carroll value for a particular year, and committing to memory the Carroll month numbers (which never change), gives you a really practical tool to use on a day-to-day basis.
"I ran the game through my mind, committing to memory my every touch of the ball; playing a through ball to Roger Hunt; contesting a high ball with Ken Leek; tackling Mike Hellawell.
So now I am grasping for and committing to memory those moments and incidents that for many people would be insignificant details ...they are insignificant because they have ceased to be important to them amidst many other things in live."
But he was, in fact, the quintessential librarian and documentalist, beginning at the early age of 10 by organizing his father's miniature score library, committing to memory what music went with what opus or catalogue number as he went along.
On the fore deck sat two commandos, cross-legged in silent contemplation, committing to memory a map, checking equipment, sharpening knives.
As a boy, Ray Bradbury began "time traveling" (as Douglas Spaulding called it in Dandelion Wine)* committing to memory the stories told by his grandfather on warm summer evenings in his native Waukegan, Illinois, a town he never really left, reproduced as "Green Town" in his stories.
For the singer-composer's fans, "Ahmad al-Arabi" be-longs to a wider oeuvre of Kha-lifE[umlaut] tunes and lyrics that folks in this part of the region have been committing to memory and performing, formally and informally, for decades.Aa