commit (someone or something) to (something)

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commit (someone or something) to (something)

1. To agree to something. I'm sorry, but I can't commit myself to your project because it seems fundamentally flawed.
2. To devote or dedicate oneself or another to someone or something. You need to fully commit yourself to your family and stop working so many hours. Jana won an academic award after committing herself to her studies. I can commit six of my employees to this project.
3. To engage in an exclusive romantic relationship. I really want to commit to Ryan, but his history of womanizing makes me reluctant to trust him.
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commit oneself to someone or something

to devote oneself to someone or something; to be faithful to someone or something. He committed himself to his wife. She settled down and committed herself to her job.
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commit oneself to something

1. to agree to something; to promise or pledge to do something. Yes, I will commit myself to the repair of the door frame. Will you commit yourself to finishing on time?
2. to promise to support and assist something. I can't commit myself to your cause at the present time. Maybe next month when I am less busy. She committed herself to being there on time.
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commit someone or something to something

to pledge or assign someone or something to something. The boss committed Ralph to the task. I cannot commit any more money to your project.
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commit to someone

to marry or enter into an exclusive relationship with another person. Jane says she loves me, but she's not ready to commit to any one person. If you can't commit to me, then this relationship is over.
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References in classic literature ?
Munt, not committing herself to nourishment until she had studied Helen's lover a little more.
Beauly's maid--the objection that the woman had no motive for committing herself to an act of murder.
The latest development is that Tabal will be reinstated by Patafa provided she signs a written letter committing herself to abide by the association's rules and regulations.
The award is presented to one who carries out Judge Hoeveler's "ideal of professionalism: character, competence, commitment, and civility." Abadin noted that, "In her time on the federal bench, Judge Chappell has displayed each of these characteristics by tirelessly committing herself to service of the law, the public, and the judicial profession.
However, rather than committing herself to recovery she is determined to continue her starvation and is counting down to the day she intends to die.
JESSICA Ennis-Hill is prepared to leave it as late as possible before committing herself to next month's World Championships.
Entertainment website Bollywood Life citing a source reported that Shraddha was hesitant of committing herself to the relationship, considering Aditya's past affairs and also her own emotional afflictions from a previous romantic liaison.
I'm glad she's a bit older, it makes me more sure they're going to have a happy marriage - at least they know what they want by now and she knows she is committing herself to a new way of life.
PAULA RADCLIFFE today stopped short of committing herself to next week's World Championships marathon in Berlin - but admitted her appearance was "definitely more likely".
PAULA RADCLIFFE stopped short of committing herself to next week's World Championships marathon in Berlin - but admitted her appearance was "definitely more likely".
It is rumoured she wants a holiday with her boyfriend Kris Smith before committing herself to the show.
She will use the shorter distance in an effort to sharpen up her speed before committing herself to a tough head-to-head with Sanya Richards in next weekend's IAAF World Athletics Final.
WHEN Wyken resident Erica Werner accepted her boyfriend's invitation of a weekend bike ride, little did she know that she was committing herself to 400 miles in the saddle.
But the fact the Ethiopian has not run at any meeting so far this summer has not stopped her from committing herself to the North-East event early.
But Anne, still in high school, hangs in there, committing herself to becoming a crusading journalist.