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a camel is a horse designed by a committee

Committees, due to their reliance on several different opinions and viewpoints, produce results that are fragmented, inefficient, or of poor quality, especially compared to the work of a single individual or a small team. A: "Did you see this latest memo? Can you believe the asinine decisions the task force made?" B: "Well, a camel is a horse designed by a committee."
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a committee is a group of men who keep minutes and waste hours

Committees take a very long time to accomplish something, if they accomplish anything at all. A pun on "minutes," which is a record of what is discussed at a particular meeting. A: "The task force has been in a meeting all day! How can they not have reached a decision by now?" B: "Well, a committee is a group of men who keep minutes and waste hours."
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Our Committee on Taxation persuaded Congress to drop the CEO income tax certification proposal from additional consideration.
Thus, any ethics committee activities in your organization's hospitals are voluntary and of your own design.
Past: CalCPA Board of Directors, vice chair; CalCPA Dues Task Force, chair; San Jose Chapter, president, vice president; San Jose Chapter Real Estate & Credit Grantors Committee, chair; California CPA Education Foundation Board of Trustees, president, vice president, treasurer.
Committee members must also be prepared to deal with the various parties who are influenced by the endowment's return and income, including: donors, parents, students, faculty, administrators, and other non-committee members of the governing board.
Committee member and NATS Executive Director William Vessels noted that during his total 23 years on the NATS Board in various capacities, its ethics committee successfully resolved numerous complaints over the years, with only one revocation of membership.
For example, the Committee releases a statement on the same day that policy decisions are made, the Chairman provides semiannual testimony to the Congress, and the Board submits semiannual Monetary Policy Reports, which include a summary of the economic projections of the Board members and Reserve Bank presidents.
Breaux had served on the aging committee since 1997.
Comments on codification of the economic substance doctrine and tax shelter penalty provisions, filed with the Senate Committee on Finance, House Committee on Ways and Means, and the U.
Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), House International Relations Committee
With the goal of improving corporate governance, the Center will provide guidance to corporate management and boards of directors regarding best practices in appointing and managing the audit committee function.
The Chair of the Electronic Media Committee shall be ex officio the director of Iter with no term limit as chair of the Electronic Media Committee.
Aaberg, a member of the committee who had produced the Danes' Hymnal for Church and Home (1927), complained that the book "contained more hymns from Catholic sources than from the land of Luther.
Committee leased a large, commercial billboard alongside I-15 in Orem for a message that read: "The United Nations Wants to Take YOUR Gun
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