commit (something) to memory

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commit (something) to memory

To make an effort to learn something; to memorize something. Everyone in our English class had to commit a poem to memory and then recite it before the class. I just can't seem to commit your phone number to memory!
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commit something to memory

to memorize something. Do we have to commit this poem to memory? The dress rehearsal of the play is tomorrow night. Please make sure you have committed all your lines to memory by that time.
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commit to memory

Learn by heart, memorize, as in The director insisted that the altos commit their part to memory by Tuesday. First recorded in 1875, this phrase today is often replaced by the shorter memorize.
See also: commit, memory
References in classic literature ?
I was taught first to read and write, and then to learn the Koran, which is the basis of our holy religion, and the better to understand it, I read with my tutors the ablest commentators on its teaching, and committed to memory all the traditions respecting the Prophet, which have been gathered from the mouth of those who were his friends.
The reproofs she committed to memory, going about the garden and saying them aloud like an actor memorizing his part.
Taking up Baedeker's Handbook to Northern Italy, she committed to memory the most important dates of Florentine History.
The site is set to be committed to memory on March 2 as a blue plaque is put in place to mark where he was born and lived in the early years of his life.
shall be committed to memory by all students' of public and private schools.
Patterns were committed to memory rather than paper and, just as nowadays no one is cataloguing working gear such as overalls, gansey details tend to have been overlooked by history.
See how much you can recall of poems and texts you have committed to memory in the past, and make it a goal to relearn the portions that have faded over time.
Cautiously treading through now familiar locales, shield raised, all the enemy placements you'd committed to memory have been altered.
Motorists will now miss many landmarks committed to memory -- old houses, familiar restaurants serving local cuisine, vendors selling local delicacies that have survived generations of taste, craftsmen working on woodwork, antique shops, fruits and vegetables, vinegar seasoned the traditional way, dried fish, and fruit preserves.
I often wonder what were the critical actions that pilot had committed to memory in the event of an engine failure.
Second, the Music Braille copy of the score should be committed to memory in small sections by the user.
Then: Having the sunny day f/16 rule committed to memory and/or using a hand-held exposure meter.
When playing by ear, a musician doesn't necessarily have “all” of the 'key' chords and scale structures committed to memory.
Summary: A quote from the 2005 movie "In Her Shoes" sums up Layla Naamani's love of footwear -- a line Naamani has repeated so many times it's nearly committed to memory.
A French novelist Anatole France once said "An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know.
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