commit to

commit (someone or something) to (something)

1. To agree to something. I'm sorry, but I can't commit myself to your project because it seems fundamentally flawed.
2. To devote or dedicate oneself or another to someone or something. You need to fully commit yourself to your family and stop working so many hours. Jana won an academic award after committing herself to her studies. I can commit six of my employees to this project.
3. To engage in an exclusive romantic relationship. I really want to commit to Ryan, but his history of womanizing makes me reluctant to trust him.
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commit someone or something to something

to pledge or assign someone or something to something. The boss committed Ralph to the task. I cannot commit any more money to your project.
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commit to someone

to marry or enter into an exclusive relationship with another person. Jane says she loves me, but she's not ready to commit to any one person. If you can't commit to me, then this relationship is over.
See also: commit
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For USDA's Cooperative Month proclamation (see page 18), Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has extended the theme to "Co-ops Commit to Members and Their Communities," reflecting the way co-ops not only make life better for their members, but for all the other people in a co-op's sphere of influence.
3: to commit to a program of retirement planning and investing.
Although signing day marks the realization of a dream, it also signals a new beginning, as players commit to taking their skills to the next level.
Whether we commit to being part of a meeting or a marriage, if we shrug it off with easy cultural aphorisms, our children learn the message: commitment means maybe.
If manufacturers must commit to inspire commitment, and if they have to prove it by publicly erecting barriers to their own exit, then they are vulnerable
As we commit to these opportunities, we will attempt to keep our stockholders informed and current on all our activities.
Aetna is first health plan to commit to the "Four Cornerstones of Value-driven Health Care" recently released by the Department of Health and Human Services
WESTLAKE VILLAGE -- If Wendell Tyler's heart was a little tender as he watched his son, Marc, verbally commit to play football for USC in a nationally televised news conference Thursday afternoon at Oaks Christian High, you could understand on a number of counts.
The educational assistance plan will cover tuition, books and supplies over a two-year period, and recipients will commit to working at an Adventist Health hospital for a minimum of three years after graduation.
Wasserman was one of six Westlake football players to commit to four- year universities, easily the most of any regional school.
UnitedHealthcare customers will continue to have access to BJC physicians, hospitals and facilities; the two organizations commit to collaborate to advance the implementation of quality and efficiency measures
The 6-foot-5 Thogersen is the second local player to commit to San Francisco, coached by former Cal Lutheran coach Rich Hill.
CCX Members with direct emissions commit to reduce GHG emissions 1% per year over the years 2003 to 2006 relative to a 1998 through 2001 average.
The letter was unsolicited and appeared to contemplate that the Company would commit to a transaction by signing a legally binding agreement within thirty days for the developer to acquire Gyrodyne's outstanding shares, purportedly for a slight premium to the then-current market price.