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Certainly, learning a large repertory, coping with injuries and illnesses, the realities of touring abroad, performing in challenging venues, taking care of oneself in order to always be able to do the work, and what it meant to commit oneself to a great innovator's choreography, were vital pieces of career information.
Parents and young women have told us that it would be difficult to commit oneself to an organization that so openly discriminates against women and bars women from decision-making.
We believe what Pope John Paul II said in his Hiroshima Peace Appeal in 1981: "To remember the past is to commit oneself to the future.
Discrimination among values" means the ability to distinguish various kinds of values, aesthetic, moral and intellectual and then to commit oneself to such values in the conduct of life.
However, to adopt this expedient is to commit oneself to the view that the reasons that are good and the reasons for which agents act are entities of two very different kinds, and thus that it is impossible for an agent to act for good reasons.
It has been remarked that the Nazi mentality was incapable of metaphor, that to call people vermin was to commit oneself to exterminating them.
It takes incredible strength, courage and faith to seek our treatment and then to commit oneself to it.
He argues that a naturalistic bioethics can avoid the fallacy if one can grant that humans "have evolved tendencies that enhance the community good," which he regards as "the basis of the highest moral good" (26), and one does not commit oneself to a particular view of that good.
34] The key is to commit oneself to practicing these skills in everyday settings, to continually evaluate outcomes, and to reassess methods for maximizing effectiveness in each situation.
It is not needed to state the intention of fasting verbally, as it is enough to silently commit oneself to the intent of fasting and then one should approach the month with a clear conscience and a purity of mind and soul.
Cushing's Augusta pastor and Bishop Boland were aware that Pope John Patti II also went to Japan, where he said, "To remember Hiroshima is to commit oneself to peace.
More knew that to devote oneself to teaching was to commit oneself to a relatively hidden and secluded life.