commit (someone or something) to (something)

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commit (someone or something) to (something)

1. To agree to something. I'm sorry, but I can't commit myself to your project because it seems fundamentally flawed.
2. To devote or dedicate oneself or another to someone or something. You need to fully commit yourself to your family and stop working so many hours. Jana won an academic award after committing herself to her studies. I can commit six of my employees to this project.
3. To engage in an exclusive romantic relationship. I really want to commit to Ryan, but his history of womanizing makes me reluctant to trust him.
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commit oneself to someone or something

to devote oneself to someone or something; to be faithful to someone or something. He committed himself to his wife. She settled down and committed herself to her job.
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commit oneself to something

1. to agree to something; to promise or pledge to do something. Yes, I will commit myself to the repair of the door frame. Will you commit yourself to finishing on time?
2. to promise to support and assist something. I can't commit myself to your cause at the present time. Maybe next month when I am less busy. She committed herself to being there on time.
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commit someone or something to something

to pledge or assign someone or something to something. The boss committed Ralph to the task. I cannot commit any more money to your project.
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commit to someone

to marry or enter into an exclusive relationship with another person. Jane says she loves me, but she's not ready to commit to any one person. If you can't commit to me, then this relationship is over.
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References in classic literature ?
The time had come--to speak, and assert her own identity; or to be silent, and commit herself to the fraud.
Helen murmured ambiguously, and did not commit herself to one answer rather than to another.
In her new operative role, she will no longer be able to commit herself to her work as a member of HiQ's board.
Last year she was soon to reach a point where she would have had to commit herself to the firm long term .
But the insider warned: "Rita has really enjoyed her time on The Voice but she is so in demand right now she cannot commit herself to return at this stage.
In a separate report by PEP, Santos said that she doesn't want to commit herself to projects that will consume her family time, given that her priority is to get pregnant this year.
Sheree left her job as a teacher and decided to commit herself to writing and publishing after setting up Identity on Tyne.
Kate has been running the company's website ever since she was accused of being work shy and unwilling to commit herself to a real job while she waited for her Royal beau to finish his military training.
OLYMPIC 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu is the latest star to commit herself to next month's Great City Games in Manchester.
OLYMPIC 400metres champion Christine Ohuruogu is the latest global star to commit herself to next month's Great City Games in Manchester.
She is the third elite player to commit herself to the competition following Jankovic and Daniela Hantuchova and organisers will be keen to bring two-time winner Maria Sharapova back to Birmingham.
During the debate on the TWF Directive at the Beaune Encounters, Mrs Reding was quick to clarify that we should not destroy that which has been "acquired" but rather continue to build on it(...) adding that quotas, representing a historic compromise need to be protected, although she was reluctant to commit herself to anything more.
``Is she going to commit herself to support these strategies and services with funding?
WELSH star Becky Morgan is planning to commit herself to the LPGA Tour on a more permanent basis next year.
Some reports claim that their relationship has ended because Roberts has a "deepening friendship" with George Clooney, while another alleges it was because Hollywood's highest-paid actress refused to commit herself to marriage.