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commiserate with (one)

To express mutual sympathy with one about a shared negative experience. Luckily, I can commiserate with my classmates about how mean our science teacher is.
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commiserate with someone

to share one's misery with another person who is also miserable. I stopped by Bruce's house to commiserate with him on being laid off.
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The campaign's first national television advertisement, entitled "Food Court," showcases the four "Sales Guys" on their lunch break commiserating about the impact of "My Circle," and concluding that they must to do something to "stop it.
Whether you were celebrating or commiserating, there are lots of options out there to help you on the right path to a successful future.
Whether you're celebrating or commiserating, drinking to excess won't help you to enjoy your night more.
The tournament ended in a penalty shoot-out, everyone was cheering or commiserating - it was a great atmosphere.
Evelyn Swan and a couple of Sharky's buddies at American Legion Post 817 in Panorama City patted their buddy on the back Monday morning, commiserating with him.
GAA President Christy Cooney added: "Whether you're on the winning or losing side, celebrating or commiserating, remember to designate a driver and of course never, ever drink and drive.
Across the world, friends are calling friends and message boards are becoming crowded with Potter fanatics comparing notes and, in some cases, commiserating.
As the winners were presented with their trophy by GAA chief Nicky Brennan, Gerald Kean's side were commiserating with their manager.
Commiserating with nature sums up only part of the album, which weaves a tapestry of world politics and self-awareness into different styles of pop music.
Barbara Johnson, 73, came home from hospital to find the Pensions Service letter commiserating with her on her own death.
But no, once these lovelorn yakkers start commiserating, you couldn't pry them apart with a crowbar.
Luther, of course, escapes with an incriminating piece of evidence, dodges the White House's attempts to squelch him (he's a master of disguise too, don't you know), and is about to safely split town when, seeing the president commiserating with his widower friend (E.