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commiserate with (one)

To express mutual sympathy with one about a shared negative experience. Luckily, I can commiserate with my classmates about how mean our science teacher is.
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commiserate with someone

to share one's misery with another person who is also miserable. I stopped by Bruce's house to commiserate with him on being laid off.
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While one commiserates with Ash, you really feel sorry for her sons trying to make sense of this dire situation.
Williams, in what can only be described as a moment of embarrassing weakness, defends his wife's remarks and even commiserates with her about Isabel's rebuke.
"Terrible accidents are always happening to the Y chromosome," she commiserates. "It's a sad little wreck of a chromosome."
Arendt commiserates with McCarthy on the torture of correcting overzealous editors: "The outrage is that they make us work to undo what they did.
'The management hereby commiserates with the parents, family, classmates, colleagues and the entire university community over this irreparable loss.
'On behalf of officers, airmen and airwomen of the NAF, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, commiserates with the family of the late airman over this irreparable loss.