commiserate with

commiserate with (one)

To express mutual sympathy with one about a shared negative experience. Luckily, I can commiserate with my classmates about how mean our science teacher is.
See also: commiserate

commiserate with someone

to share one's misery with another person who is also miserable. I stopped by Bruce's house to commiserate with him on being laid off.
See also: commiserate
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Ronald Stewart went to commiserate with James Hillis, 56, who he didn't know, after the death of his cousin Amanda McPhee from a drugs overdose.
It is indeed a painful time, an irreplaceabe emptiness as we commiserate with heavy hearts.
As her horse lost, all the royals turned to commiserate with the Queen, who looked very disappointed.
We would also like to commiserate with the connections of Karky Shultz for, while we had Eric for nine years, he was just embarking on his career.
I sincerely commiserate with you and ask to send my condolences to families and close ones of deceased," Bakiev concluded.
Just as football fans commiserate with their friends in the pub when their team loses birds support one another following contests with their rivals," the university said.
Staff at Fleet Street on Pudding Chare, Newcastle, are planning to commiserate with their smoking regulars.
If Wilder-Taylor needs someone to commiserate with about all the flak she's getting, I'm here with glass of Chardonnay in one hand and a bottle of brew in the other, ready to listen.
He also does not back away from the uncomfortable theme of envy in friendships, challenging readers on whether they celebrate their friends' successes as easily as they commiserate with their failures.
Sami Hyypia sportingly rushed to commiserate with Andriy Shevchenko who'd missed the final penalty.
Florenz Ziegfeld hired the great Bert Williams for the otherwise all-white Follies of 1910, inviting the audience to commiserate with a black man's misery in Williams's signature rendition of "Me and My Shadow.
exposing the underside of high school politics, and most YAs will be able to relate to it and to chuckle and commiserate with Ella over Carla's evil doings.
A: The benefits of professional development and networking--as well as being able to recharge your batteries and commiserate with your colleagues--are practically immeasurable.
Commiserate with her by saying something like, "Is camp food one notch below prison food or what?
The idea being that to be a compassionate, patient and understanding leader, one must be able to commiserate with the companions in their pilgrimage.