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commiserate with (one)

To express mutual sympathy with one about a shared negative experience. Luckily, I can commiserate with my classmates about how mean our science teacher is.
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commiserate with someone

to share one's misery with another person who is also miserable. I stopped by Bruce's house to commiserate with him on being laid off.
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com features a social community where people can celebrate or commiserate their divorce status with like-minded people in similar circumstances.
CHRIS MARSDEN'S Southampton teammates will not know whether to congratulate him for securing them one point at home to Newcastle or commiserate with him for allowing two more to pass them by.
CHRIS Marsden's Southampton team-mates will not have known whether to congratulate him for securing them one point at home to Newcastle or commiserate with him for allowing two more to pass them by.
During the course of their letters, the two writers commiserate over doomed love affairs, compete to produce the most misery-soaked Genet quote, and ruminate on public sex, Zeeland's scarily close connection to Andrew Cunanan, and a shared thesis that gay life is often a lot more hassle than it's worth.
Although separated by centuries, I had found someone who could commiserate with me.
At first it was mainly to commiserate, but then talk turned to the future and ways in which they might be able to work together.
They held salons where members of the establishment could get together and socialize, compare notes, exchange political gossip, commiserate, collude.
ET; delayed PT) - Joan and Melissa Rivers commemorate, commiserate, and celebrate with music's finest stars during live arrivals coverage at the 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.
Ronald Stewart went to commiserate with James Hillis, 56, who he didn't know, after the death of his cousin Amanda McPhee from a drugs overdose.
Prime Ministers know nothing of the animals' pain, Yet on their own demise the many and rich commiserate, From cattle market to slaughterhouse is livestocks domain, With fear in their eyes they die for the plate.
We would also like to commiserate with the connections of Karky Shultz for, while we had Eric for nine years, he was just embarking on his career.
Staff at Fleet Street on Pudding Chare, Newcastle, are planning to commiserate with their smoking regulars.
Wayne even called Ronaldo after Portugal's semi-final defeat by France to commiserate.
Wounded souls browsing fur music to commiserate with might find that Bedhead offers the most satisfying embrace, but one so tightly sympathetic It'll make you anxious about ever breaking free.
Then we commiserate with each other and talk about missing the "good old days.