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commiserate with (one)

To express mutual sympathy with one about a shared negative experience. Luckily, I can commiserate with my classmates about how mean our science teacher is.
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commiserate with someone

to share one's misery with another person who is also miserable. I stopped by Bruce's house to commiserate with him on being laid off.
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At the palace of the emir of Zurmi, Shettima said they came on behalf of the people of Northern Nigeria to commiserate with Zamfara people over the attack.
all listeners will find something to commiserate with here.
Win, lose or draw you always go and congratulate your hosts or commiserate with them hopefully
It was just so funny, especially as most people have been commiserate, commiserate, commiserate.
Sami Hyypia sportingly rushed to commiserate with Andriy Shevchenko who'd missed the final penalty.
This is like a junior version of Tom Perrotta's novel Election, exposing the underside of high school politics, and most YAs will be able to relate to it and to chuckle and commiserate with Ella over Carla's evil doings.
Hopefully, I will be the first to go up and shake his hand before the game, but then I want to commiserate with him about the result afterwards - that's the plan.
I didn't know whether to congratulate or commiserate but he won't go far wrong in that relationship.
In conclusion, now that Tim has been put out of Wimbledon, let me be the first to commiserate with our English cousins with an almighty - NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA.