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comment back

A common comment on popular social media posts that informs others that the commenter will like the first picture on someone's page if they like the first picture on the commenter's page. Often abbreviated as "CB." Ever since I started writing "comment back" on famous people's posts, my Instagram pictures have been getting way more comments!
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comment about (someone or something)

To speak about a particular person or topic. The young starlet refused to comment about the rumors surrounding her latest movie.
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no comment

I don't have any response to make about that. Said as a reply to a question or insinuation. A: "It just seems a bit odd that your salary increase comes at the exact same time as the pay cut to your employees." B: "No comment." A: "Governor, how long have you been accepting bribes?" B: "No comment."
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address comments or remarks to someone

to say something directly to a specific person or group of persons. (See also address oneself to someone; address oneself to something.) George addressed his remarks to everyone.
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comment about someone or something

 and comment (up)on someone or something
to make a remark about someone or something. There is no need to comment upon this event. Please don't comment on Liz's problems.
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No comment.

I have nothing to say on this matter. Q: When did you stop beating your dog? A: No comment. Q: Georgie, did you chop down the cherry tree? A: No comment.
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ˌno ˈcomment

(said in reply to a question, usually from a journalist) I have nothing to say about that: ‘Will you resign, sir?’ ‘No comment!’
See also: comment, no
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Adding to that evidence was the fact that there were nine instances of 75,000 or more comments submitted at the very same second, suggesting an automated process was involved.
The video site recently tweaked its commenting system by making it users to log in through their Google+ ids to be able to comment on any content.
Facebook said the Comments Box platform includes moderation tools that allow administrators of a website to blacklist certain words or ban offensive users.
As with most of Google's new services, this feature will be gradually rolling out to all users, so some of the users may not see the new Comments tab yet.
I think it's important that we do have public comment," said Selectmen Chairman Kevin Haley.
Although he would have liked to have some comments on his own paper--by the end the experiment, it had none--he points out that reading papers and voicing opinions could be burdensome for scientists who are already strapped for time.
In response to the request, TEI polled its Board of Directors and IRS Administrative Affairs Committee for comments on--Whether there had been an increased issuance of Forms 5701 at later stages of the exam or surprise notices of proposed adjustments;
Rather than having very, very late meetings, perhaps they should have a special meeting to catch up, rather than cutting the public's comment time.
Presidential spokesman Trent Duffy said Robertson's comments were "wholly inappropriate and offensive and really don't have a place in this or any other debate.
Boucher's comments were prepared by the State and Local Taxation TRP (chaired by Dan Peterson) and reviewed by the TEC.
The Board plans to implement the amendments as part of its review of Regulation Z and is publishing this second ANPR to reopen and extend the public comment period.
The AICPA Peer Review Board must continually assess the effects of new accounting and auditing pronouncements, increased regulation, and comments from reviewers, reviewed firms and third-party users of peer review reports on the peer review process itself.
The EPA's comments address implementation of best management practices for all areas of the work during deconstruction, expansion of containment measures to control potential releases of contaminants, and development of a comprehensive air monitoring program to intercept and address releases.
July 12 is the deadline for comments to the SEC on its proposed Reg AB.
Student postings became more demonstrative of critical analysis and reflective thinking, both of the assigned readings and comments by other students.