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comment back

A common comment on popular social media posts that informs others that the commenter will like the first picture on someone's page if they like the first picture on the commenter's page. Often abbreviated as "CB." Ever since I started writing "comment back" on famous people's posts, my Instagram pictures have been getting way more comments!
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comment about (someone or something)

To speak about a particular person or topic. The young starlet refused to comment about the rumors surrounding her latest movie.
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no comment

I don't have any response to make about that. Said as a reply to a question or insinuation. A: "It just seems a bit odd that your salary increase comes at the exact same time as the pay cut to your employees." B: "No comment." A: "Governor, how long have you been accepting bribes?" B: "No comment."
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address (one's) comments to (someone or something)

To speak to a specific person or group about something. You can address any comments about the event to our marketing department. I'm not sure who I'm addressing my comments to because I haven't found out who is going to be in the audience yet.
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address (one's) remarks to (someone or something)

To speak to a specific person or group about something. You can address any remarks about the event to our marketing department. I'm not sure who I'm addressing my remarks to because I haven't found out who is going to be in the audience yet.
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snide comment

A remark or comment that is particularly mocking, scornful, or derogatory. Savita was ecstatic over her acceptance to law school, but John's snide comment about her ability to succeed really undermined her confidence. Sarah always sits at the back of these team meetings making snide comments about whatever the boss is saying.
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address comments or remarks to someone

to say something directly to a specific person or group of persons. (See also address oneself to someone; address oneself to something.) George addressed his remarks to everyone.
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comment about someone or something

 and comment (up)on someone or something
to make a remark about someone or something. There is no need to comment upon this event. Please don't comment on Liz's problems.
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No comment.

I have nothing to say on this matter. Q: When did you stop beating your dog? A: No comment. Q: Georgie, did you chop down the cherry tree? A: No comment.
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ˌno ˈcomment

(said in reply to a question, usually from a journalist) I have nothing to say about that: ‘Will you resign, sir?’ ‘No comment!’
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no comment

I don’t want to talk about it. This ambiguous reply to a question one doesn’t wish to answer originated in the mid-twentieth century among politicians and diplomats responding to journalists or interviewers. It soon began to be used more widely by other public figures and is fast approaching the status of a cliché.
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While conceding that individual comments mostly have little value, defenders of commenting adduce three benefits to the activity.
When NPRorg disabled commenting last August, the managing editor, Scott Montgomery, provided a quantitative rationale: "Far less than 1% of [a monthly audience of 25 to 35 million unique visitors] is commenting, and the number of regular comment participants is even smaller.
Smaller publishers that disabled commenting on their own sites are reconciled to the fact that discussions moved to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
In one of the consultant comment sheets that I read daily in our writing center, I noted an example of what happens when the teacher's intention in commenting isn't understood by the student, who may be looking for directions rather than explanations.
This move by Google should enable users to have a completely open commenting system, i.e.
Commenting that the proposal is at odds with current Virginia law and the treatment afforded agency pronouncements at the federal level, TEI explained that it is "appropriate to distinguish between regulations, which have been vetted through a formal notice-and-comment process designed to provide due process for all concerned stakeholders, and a Tax Commissioner's ruling, which is merely the Department's view of the law."
Nearly 51% of those commenting on this issue called for using the general inflation rate or some other standard rate to increase the comparability of information across companies.
In general, those commenting raised two objections:
On May 16, TEI's President submitted a letter to Canadian Minister of Finance John Manley commenting on draft legislation relating to Foreign Investment Entities (FIE) and Non-Resident Trusts (NRT).
TEI welcomes the release of the tax shelter package and looks forward to commenting on its myriad details.
We look forward to analyzing and commenting on the package and urge the Treasury and IRS to promulgate final regulations consistent with public comments as soon as possible.
In commenting on the initial regulations, TEI took issue with the IRS's assertion that tracing would be administratively unworkable in determining loss disallowance.
at 24.) It attempts to finesse the question of its legal authority to impose such a deprivation, however, by commenting that "[e]lecting corporations ...