comment about

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comment about (someone or something)

To speak about a particular person or topic. The young starlet refused to comment about the rumors surrounding her latest movie.
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comment about someone or something

 and comment (up)on someone or something
to make a remark about someone or something. There is no need to comment upon this event. Please don't comment on Liz's problems.
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Representatives of the parties involved in the reporting did not comment on the matter, Reuters said.
None of the parties wished to comment on the matter to the news agency.
However, EU Competition Spokesperson Jonathan Todd would make no detailed comment on the Spanish move, saying only that the Commission had received notification of the amendments and was analysing them.
Spokesmen for both Scottish & Southern and Vattenfall declined to comment on the speculation.
A RAG spokesman declined to comment on the firm's intentions.
Speaking on the sidelines of an event in Milan, Lescoeur added that his company did not comment on those deals, but noted that the target was interesting.
E.ON declined to comment on press reports that it may ask the EU to examine the acquisition, which has been on ice since July.
A UK Treasury official and RWE refused to comment on Schenk's statement.
Anders Olsson, deputy chief of E.ON's Swedish subsidiary, said in a statement that the company does not wish to comment on "this type of speculation".