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commend (someone) for (something)

To compliment or praise someone for something that they have done. I have to commend you for your extraordinary bravery in a dangerous situation. I'm sure all of the people you rescued from the fire see you as a hero.
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commend (one) to (someone or something)

To speak favorably of someone to another person or group. I commended Jeff to the award selection committee because his extraordinary bravery in rescuing all of those people from the apartment fire deserves to be recognized.
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commend someone for something

to praise someone for doing something. The committee commended Ralph for his good work.
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commend someone or something to someone or something

to recommend or speak well of someone to someone or a group. I commend Walter to your organization. He would make a fine employee. We commended your organization to Martha, who may wish to become a member.
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TEI commends the government for working with taxpayers to make these regulations more manageable.
Although these provisions will not directly benefit TEI's members, we commend the Treasury Department for seeking to simplify the tax law.
We commend the Department's Inspector General Ken Mead on his thorough, independent analysis of the contract tower program," stated NBAA's president Shelley A.
We commend the FAA for appropriately partnering with private providers to deliver a vital public service which otherwise may have disappeared.
Chase also commends the Rhode Island Senate for its swift action to save auto leasing for Rhode Island consumers.
We commend the Connecticut Legislature for its swift action to save auto leasing for Connecticut's consumers," said Jeffrey Levine, general counsel for Chase Manhattan Automotive Finance Corporation.
The high tech industry commends the Republican High Tech Task Force for its foresight and leadership on policy issues of critical importance to the industry.
We also commend the Task Force for its foresight in recognizing the importance of strong online security, making permanent the research and development tax credit, and enhancing funding for the Patent and Trademark Office.
The Technology Network (TechNet), the technology industry's bipartisan political network, commends the Senate Finance Committee and Chairman William Roth (R-DE) for including a five-year extension of the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit in their proposed tax cut plan.
We commend Chairman Bliley for his long fight to create a business environment that will place Intelsat and its private competitors on a more equal footing.