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commence with (someone or something)

To start something with a particular person or action. The presentations will commence with you, Michael, so go on up to the podium. Once the band is ready, we'll commence with the dancing!
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commence with someone or something

to start a procedure affecting a number of people or things by choosing a particular person or thing first. Each meeting commences with a reading of the minutes of the last meeting. The doctor interviews with Lynn and took everyone else in the order in which they had arrived.
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The project which was situated in Kogi and Bayelsa ought to have commenced but was deterred by the leadership tussle rocking the association but now that it has been resolved, I am pleased to inform the public that we will soon commence work.
It clearly appears that (the hospital) has not acquired the site, nor has it commenced eminent domain proceedings to acquire the site from (the city) without (the city's) consent,'' Yaffe wrote.
was incorporated July 12 and commenced business on Aug.
As in Situation 1, a Tax Court proceeding cannot be commenced while the automatic stay is in effect; the running of the period for filing a Tax Court petition is suspended during the automatic stay and for 60 days thereafter.
When EDEA learned of this lease, it commenced a re-foreclosure action which sought a judgement declaring that Davyon had no interest in the property and that Davyon was foreclosed from claiming any right to the property and that EDEA is the sole and lawful owner of the property involved.
A "qualified person" is defined by the statute as any person that satisfies two requirements:(28) First, the qualified person must have first commenced trade or business activities in a new trade or business in California on or after January 1, 1994.
The company was incorporated in Nevada on June 13 and commenced business on July 15.
According to the landlord, the tenant first admitted owning four dogs only after these eviction proceedings commenced.
9 election: For cases commenced before and ending on or after Nov.
A decedent who elected to begin receiving annual distributions at age 67 and died two years later would not have commenced distributions for the purposes of this test.