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commence with (someone or something)

To start something with a particular person or action. The presentations will commence with you, Michael, so go on up to the podium. Once the band is ready, we'll commence with the dancing!
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commence with someone or something

to start a procedure affecting a number of people or things by choosing a particular person or thing first. Each meeting commences with a reading of the minutes of the last meeting. The doctor interviews with Lynn and took everyone else in the order in which they had arrived.
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Parliamentarian, the Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero, commenced a hunger strike in Kandy yesterday.
"The evaluation of answer books of Board 2019 exams has already commenced. In line with the Board's zero-error policy for evaluation, standard directions are issued to the evaluation centers spread across the country," the CBSE said in a statement.
He said efforts to finalise drafting the regulations and code of conduct were underway in order to provide the necessary legal and administrative environment within which the rest of the act would be commenced.
On Monday, the inaugural session of the KP Assembly commenced with PML-N leader Sardar Aurangzeb Nalota presiding over the swearing-in ceremony.
'The project which was situated in Kogi and Bayelsa ought to have commenced but was deterred by the leadership tussle rocking the association but now that it has been resolved, I am pleased to inform the public that we will soon commence work.
In an attempt to divest commercial property owners of their right to redeem their properties in a judicial proceeding commenced under the NCAC, some holders of Tax Deeds commence landlord-tenant proceedings to evict commercial property owners from their properties based on their Tax Deeds.
With the start of the Toyota project Pacifico Energy is now currently constructing over 450 MW of solar power plants, including a 96 MW solar power generation plant in Miyazaki (construction commenced in March 2015), a 257 MW solar power generation plant in Okayama (construction commenced in April 2017), and a 42 MW solar power generation plant in Fukushima (construction commenced in September 2017).
The government had announced to construct new dams to overcome the water crises in the country and the Bhasha dam was top of the list in this regard but ironically work on this dam could not be commenced so far.
Eisai Co Ltd, a Japan-based pharmaceutical company, announced yesterday that enrollment has commenced in Japan for MISSION AD1, a global Phase III clinical study of the in-house developed oral beta secretase cleaving enzyme (BACE) inhibitor elenbecestat in patients with early Alzheimer's disease (AD).
Revenue increased 30.6% y/y, boosted by electricity sales, which commenced in 3Q15.
Chapa International Pictures Limited, having never commenced trading and having its registered office and its principal place of business at 9 Bayview Heights, The Strand, Rosslare, Co Wexford and having no assets exceeding [euro]150 and no liabilities exceeding [euro]150, has resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company never commenced trading and does not intend to commence trading, and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to Section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register.
Qatar Airways has commenced daily, non-stop service between Logan International Airport in Boston and Hamad International Airport in Doha, the airline said.
A strike by approximately 450 home-support workers had commenced at 8:00 a.m.
Mr Almoayyed also stated that the company has commenced the development of the 230-room, five star Gulf Hotel Business Bay in Dubai.