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commence with (someone or something)

To start something with a particular person or action. The presentations will commence with you, Michael, so go on up to the podium. Once the band is ready, we'll commence with the dancing!
See also: commence

commence with someone or something

to start a procedure affecting a number of people or things by choosing a particular person or thing first. Each meeting commences with a reading of the minutes of the last meeting. The doctor interviews with Lynn and took everyone else in the order in which they had arrived.
See also: commence
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Anticipated first production is scheduled to commence this month at a rate of approximately 15 MMcfe per day.
Sales teams will appreciate Commence CRM's pipeline management and reporting; marketers will have the tools to increase company visibility and lead generation using bulk e-mail campaigns; and customer service professionals will be able to improve response time for customer inquiries.
5 demonstrate Commence Corporation's commitment to continually improving the product and meeting the needs of customers:
Enhanced with a flexible, newly designed user interface, Commence RM provides an easy way to access and manage all types of customer data and interactions.
Both wells should commence production in the first quarter 2007.
Using the conversion utility, businesses can seamlessly transition entire ACT databases into the Commence 2000 solution, automatically integrating thousands of names, addresses, and other contact details with customizable applications for sales force automation, help desk, customer service, and project management in a single solution -- without requiring manual data entry.
By partnering with Commence, Softmart can extend its small business offering to include CRM, allowing customers to deploy a complete customer management solution based on Commence 2000.
Commence Corporation will participate at the Microsoft CRM eBusiness Conferences in New York City, May 2 at the Jacob K.
A $14 million capital budget has been approved for a 10 to 15 well program in Coos County expected to commence in August of this year.
African Copper expects to commence construction of the Dukwe Project in early 2006.
Commence winter drilling program on targeted locations.
CDM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Frontera Copper to commence construction of the Piedras Verdes copper mine in Sonora, Mexico.
A ground based geophysical induced polarization survey is scheduled to commence shortly which should help in the delineation of further drill targets within this trend.
Phase two construction will commence sometime in 2006 and will be completed sometime in 2007.