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in inverted commas

Used to indicate that something one just said is untruthful, ironic, or disingenuous. ("Inverted commas" is another term for quotation marks, chiefly used in British English.) We were "taught," in inverted commas, by the teaching assistant, but we did most of our learning independently.
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in inverted commas

COMMON If you say in inverted commas after or before a word or phrase, you are drawing attention to the word, and showing that it is not an accurate way to describe the situation you are referring to. So, in what sense do you see the students as disadvantaged, in inverted commas? I think that the assumptions of some people were that we would take democratic decisions, well, democratic in inverted commas. Compare with quote, unquote.
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in inverted ˈcommas

(spoken) used to show that you think a particular word, description, etc. is not true or appropriate: The manager showed us to our ‘luxury apartment’, in inverted commas.
Inverted commas are another name for quotation marks (‘ ’) or (“ ”).
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n. a pedantic person; a pedantic copy editor. When you need a proofreader, you need a comma-counter.
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Commas, like many punctuation marks, arose after ancient Rome but before Gutenberg.
Nunez is using code from Comma and Udacity to try to get his Ford Fusion to automatically slow down when it sees traffic signs, speed bumps, or potholes.
A run-on or comma splice will have two independent clauses, two subject-verb pairs.
I think of him every time I consciously put a comma inside a quotation mark, as I just did.
Pulling together the book offered its own challenges to Comma.
The CRTC agreed with Bell Aliant citing "rules of punctuation." The placement of a single comma may seem like boring, picayune stuff, but you never know when ignoring the precise punctuation details will make a huge difference in legal outcomes.
It used to be standard usage for a comma to be inserted between a subject and predicate.
Apparently, the second comma in the sentence placed after 'Indian companies' proved to be the dealmaker.
England-based Comma provides lubricants, seasonal and car care products to the UK as well as other European and Asian export markets.Country: UKSector: ChemicalsTarget: Comma Oil & Chemicals LtdBuyer: Cosan SA Industria e ComercioVendor: Exxon Mobil Corp , Esso Petroleum Co Ltd (EPCo)Deal size in USD: 100mComment: The deal size refers to the maximum payable amount.
The Elements of Style (Strunk, 1935) instructs us to place a comma before a conjunction introducing an independent clause.
Most references include a comma after the individuals name though publication records generally do not.
Across the pond, they use a comma as the numeric break, not a period as we do.
In other words, according to most schoolmasters studied, those punctuation marks considered of primary importance for the composition and reading of a text are the comma, the colon, the full stop, the note of admiration and the note of interrogation; some of them also include either the semicolon (3) or the parenthesis, and other ones both.
Car care company, Comma, has been urging motorists to carry a hi-vis vest in their cars as more than 180 people are killed or seriously injured each year by the side of the road.
But UK law continues to lag behind, says car care specialist Comma.