come under fire

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come under fire

To be subject to intense criticism or judgment. The company came under fire after a newspaper reported allegations of the CEO's misappropriation of funds. You will definitely come under fire if they find out that you were responsible for the printing error.
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come under fire


be under fire

COMMON If someone or something comes under fire or is under fire, they are strongly criticized. The president's plan came under fire from critics who said he didn't include enough spending cuts. Britain's prisons are under fire from an international human rights group. Note: This expression comes from the literal meaning of soldiers being under fire, meaning that they are being shot at.
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be/come under ˈfire

1 be shot at: While defending the town we came under fire again last night.
2 be criticized, insulted, etc: The government is already under fire over its housing policy.
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GARY HETHERINGTON is certain Kevin Sinfield will be a success, despite the Leeds legend coming under fire over a shambolic season.
Daisy Haggard - also creator and co-writer - is excellent as Miri, who is coming under fire left, right and centre, while the series, with revelations at the end of each episode, is building very nicely indeed.
Members of a CIA-sponsored Afghan strike force called in air support after coming under fire on Saturday asthey mounted an assault on Taliban fighters in the district of Hesarak in Nangarhar Province, officials were quoted as saying.
According to the Israeli military, fighter jets from the country struck Iranian Al-Quds Force targets inside Syria Monday and, after coming under fire from anti-aircraft missiles, struck Syrian defense batteries as well.
The Israeli military also said that one of its soldiers was killed Friday after coming under fire from gunmen on the Gaza side of the border.
Last month, three people, including a member of the Balochistan Levies, were martyred after coming under fire from unidentified assailants in the Sariab road area of the provincial capital.
But the bank's top managers are foregoing their annual bonuses for 2017 after coming under fire for awarding big incentive payouts even though Germany's largest bank lost money last year.
When deputies returned, they conversed with the assailant before coming under fire in an "ambush-type" attack, forcing them to retreat and wait for a SWAT team, which entered the apartment and engaged in a shootout that left the gunman dead and another police officer injured.
Huseyin Icin, from Izmir, said: "My relatives in Kobane are coming under fire relatives in Kobane are coming under fire from bombs, from tanks, from war, and from bombs, from tanks, from war, and here is the Turkish tanks and army and here is the Turkish tanks and army and they're not letting us do anything."
The bus carrying the mothers and the journalists withdrew after coming under fire as it approached the base.
A French military official denied troops killed civilians and said they fired warning shots in the air after coming under fire in Bambari, the headquarters of the mostly-Muslim rebel Seleka coalition, which controls the northeast of the country.
Steven MacLean has revealed Celtic boss Neil Lennon wasn't the only one coming under fire in the stand when St Johnstone last faced Aberdeen in a semi-final.
SO Simon Cowell is coming under fire for heading to sunnier climes with his newborn baby son, Eric.
POLICE officers are lucky coming under fire for the second night in a row, it emerged yesterday.